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DatabaseTestCase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DatabaseTestCase:
PKPTestCase CitationDAOTest DBConnectionTest FilterDAOTest FilterGroupDAOTest FunctionalOaiBaseTestCase MetadataDescriptionDAOTest Mods34DescriptionTestCase PluginTestCase ProcessDAOTest

Protected Member Functions

 getAffectedTables ()
 setUp ()
 tearDown ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PKPTestCase
 getMockedDAOs ()
 getMockedRegistryKeys ()
 mockRequest ($path= 'index/test-page/test-op', $userId=null)
 setTestConfiguration ($config, $configPath= 'config')
 setUp ()
 tearDown ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPTestCase
 getActualOutput ()

Detailed Description

Base class for unit tests that require database support. The schema TestName.setUp.xml will be installed before each individual test case (if present). The schema TestName.tearDown.xml may be used to clean up after each test case.

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Member Function Documentation

DatabaseTestCase::getAffectedTables ( )

Override this method if you want to backup/restore tables before/after the test.

array A list of tables to backup and restore.

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Referenced by setUp(), and tearDown().

DatabaseTestCase::setUp ( )

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References getAffectedTables(), and DBConnection\getInstance().

DatabaseTestCase::tearDown ( )

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References getAffectedTables().

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