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DashboardHandler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DashboardHandler:
Handler PKPHandler

Public Member Functions

 archives ($args, $request)
 authorize ($request, &$args, $roleAssignments)
 DashboardHandler ()
 index ($args, $request)
 setupTemplate ($request=null)
 submissions ($args, $request)
 tasks ($args, $request)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Handler
 getSiteRedirectContext ($request)
 getTargetContext ($request, $bestGuess=true)
 getWorkingContexts ($request)
 Handler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPHandler
 addCheck (&$handlerValidator)
 addPolicy ($authorizationPolicy, $addToTop=false)
 addRoleAssignment ($roleIds, $operations)
 authorize ($request, &$args, $roleAssignments, $enforceRestrictedSite=true)
getAuthorizedContext ()
getAuthorizedContextObject ($assocType)
getDispatcher ()
 getFirstUserContext ($user, $contexts)
 getId ()
 getLastAuthorizationMessage ()
 getLoginExemptions ()
 getRoleAssignment ($roleId)
 getRoleAssignments ()
 getWorkingContexts ($request)
 index ($args, $request)
 initialize ($request, $args=null)
 PKPHandler ()
 setDispatcher ($dispatcher)
 setId ($id)
 setupTemplate ($request)
 validate ($requiredContexts=null, $request=null)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PKPHandler
static getPageParamName ($rangeName)
static getRangeInfo ($request, $rangeName, $contextData=null)
static hashPageContext ($request, $contextData=array())
- Public Attributes inherited from PKPHandler
 $_checks = array()
 $_roleAssignments = array()

Detailed Description

Handle requests for user's dashboard.

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Member Function Documentation

DashboardHandler::archives (   $args,

View archives tab


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References setupTemplate().

DashboardHandler::authorize (   $request,

Authorize this request.

Routers will call this method automatically thereby enforcing authorization. This method will be called before the validate() method and before passing control on to the handler operation.

NB: This method will be called once for every request only.

$argsarray request arguments
$roleAssignmentsarray the operation role assignment, see getRoleAssignment() for more details.
$enforceRestrictedSiteboolean True iff site restrictions are to be enforced

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References PKPHandler\addPolicy().

DashboardHandler::DashboardHandler ( )


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References PKPHandler\addRoleAssignment().

DashboardHandler::index (   $args,

Display about index page.


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References setupTemplate().

DashboardHandler::setupTemplate (   $request = null)

Setup common template variables.


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References AppLocale\requireComponents().

Referenced by archives(), index(), submissions(), and tasks().

DashboardHandler::submissions (   $args,

View submissions tab


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References setupTemplate().

DashboardHandler::tasks (   $args,

View tasks tab


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References Application\getContextDAO(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), and setupTemplate().

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