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ConfigParser Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ConfigParser ()
 getFileContents ()
 updateConfig ($file, $params)
 writeConfig ($file)

Static Public Member Functions

static & readConfig ($file)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Class for parsing and modifying php.ini style configuration files.

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Member Function Documentation

ConfigParser::ConfigParser ( )


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ConfigParser::getFileContents ( )

Return the contents of the current config file.


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References $content.

static& ConfigParser::readConfig (   $file)

Read a configuration file into a multidimensional array. This is a replacement for the PHP parse_ini_file function, which does not type setting values.

$filestring full path to the config file
array the configuration data (same format as

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Referenced by Config\reloadData().

ConfigParser::updateConfig (   $file,

Read a configuration file and update variables. This method stores the updated configuration but does not write it out. Use writeConfig() or getFileContents() afterwards to do something with the new config.

$filestring full path to the config file
$paramsarray an associative array of configuration parameters to update. If the value is an associative array (of variable name/value pairs) instead of a scalar, the key is treated as a section instead of a variable. Parameters not in $params remain unchanged
boolean true if file could be read, false otherwise

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ConfigParser::writeConfig (   $file)

Write contents of current config file

$filestring full path to output file
boolean file write is successful

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Member Data Documentation


Contents of the config file currently being parsed

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Referenced by getFileContents().

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