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ColumnBasedGridCellProvider Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ColumnBasedGridCellProvider:

Public Member Functions

 ColumnBasedGridCellProvider ()
 getTemplateVarsFromRowColumn ($row, $column)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridCellProvider
 getCellActions ($request, $row, $column, $position=GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT)
 getTemplateVarsFromRowColumn ($row, $column)
 GridCellProvider ()
 render ($request, $row, $column)

Detailed Description

A cell provider that relies on the column implementation to provide cell content. Use this cell provider if you have complex column-specific content. If you want to provide simple labels then use the ArrayGridCellProvider or DataObjectGridCellProvider.

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Member Function Documentation

ColumnBasedGridCellProvider::ColumnBasedGridCellProvider ( )


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ColumnBasedGridCellProvider::getTemplateVarsFromRowColumn (   $row,

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