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BaseSubmissionFileManager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BaseSubmissionFileManager:
ContextFileManager PrivateFileManager FileManager SimpleMonographFileManager

Public Member Functions

 BaseSubmissionFileManager ($contextId, $submissionId)
 getBasePath ()
 getSubmissionId ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextFileManager
 ContextFileManager ($contextId)
 getBasePath ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PrivateFileManager
 getBasePath ()
 PrivateFileManager ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FileManager
 copyDir ($source, $dest)
 copyFile ($source, $dest)
 deleteFile ($filePath)
 downloadFile ($filePath, $mediaType=null, $inline=false, $fileName=null)
 fileExists ($filePath, $type= 'file')
 FileManager ()
 getDocumentExtension ($type)
 getDocumentType ($type)
 getExtension ($fileName)
 getImageExtension ($type)
 getNiceFileSize ($size)
 getUploadedFileName ($fileName)
 getUploadedFilePath ($fileName)
 getUploadedFileType ($fileName)
 mkdir ($dirPath, $perms=null)
 mkdirtree ($dirPath, $perms=null)
 parseFileExtension ($fileName)
 readFile ($filePath, $output=false)
 rmdir ($dirPath)
 rmtree ($file)
 setMode ($path, $mask)
 truncateFileName ($fileName, $length=127)
 uploadedFileExists ($fileName)
 uploadError ($fileName)
 uploadFile ($fileName, $destFileName)
 writeFile ($dest, &$contents)

Additional Inherited Members

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- Public Attributes inherited from PrivateFileManager

Detailed Description

Base helper class for submission file management tasks.

Submission directory structure: [submission id]/note [submission id]/public [submission id]/submission [submission id]/submission/original [submission id]/submission/review [submission id]/submission/review/attachment [submission id]/submission/editor [submission id]/submission/copyedit [submission id]/submission/layout [submission id]/attachment

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Member Function Documentation

BaseSubmissionFileManager::BaseSubmissionFileManager (   $contextId,



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BaseSubmissionFileManager::getBasePath ( )

Get the base path for file storage.

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BaseSubmissionFileManager::getSubmissionId ( )

Get the submission ID that this manager operates upon.

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