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AuthorDAO Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AuthorDAO:

Public Member Functions

 AuthorDAO ()
 getAuthorsAlphabetizedByPress ($pressId=null, $initial=null, $rangeInfo=null)
 newDataObject ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPAuthorDAO
 _fromRow ($row)
 _returnSimpleAuthorFromRow ($row)
 deleteById ($authorId, $submissionId=null)
 deleteBySubmissionId ($submissionId)
 deleteObject ($author)
 getAuthorCountBySubmissionId ($submissionId)
 getById ($authorId, $submissionId=null)
 getBySubmissionId ($submissionId, $sortByAuthorId=false)
 getInsertId ()
 getLocaleFieldNames ()
 getPrimaryContact ($submissionId)
 insertObject ($author)
 newDataObject ()
 PKPAuthorDAO ()
 resequenceAuthors ($submissionId)
 resetPrimaryContact ($authorId, $submissionId)
 updateLocaleFields ($author)
 updateObject ($author)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DAO
 concat ()
 convertFromDB ($value, $type)
 convertToDB ($value, &$type)
 DAO ($dataSource=null, $callHooks=true)
 dateFromDB ($d)
 datetimeFromDB ($dt)
 datetimeToDB ($dt)
 dateToDB ($d)
 flushCache ()
 formatDateToDB ($date, $defaultNumWeeks=null, $acceptPastDate=true)
 getAffectedRows ()
getDataSource ()
 getDirectionMapping ($direction)
 getDriver ()
 getType ($value)
 replace ($table, $arrFields, $keyCols)
retrieve ($sql, $params=false, $callHooks=true)
retrieveCached ($sql, $params=false, $secsToCache=3600, $callHooks=true)
retrieveLimit ($sql, $params=false, $numRows=false, $offset=false, $callHooks=true)
retrieveRange ($sql, $params=false, $dbResultRange=null, $callHooks=true)
 setCacheDir ()
 setDataSource (&$dataSource)
 update ($sql, $params=false, $callHooks=true, $dieOnError=true)
 updateDataObjectSettings ($tableName, &$dataObject, $idArray)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DAO
static getDataChangedEvent ($elementId=null, $parentElementId=null)
- Public Attributes inherited from DAO
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DAO
 _getInsertId ($table= '', $id= '')

Detailed Description

Operations for retrieving and modifying Author objects.

See Also
ChapterDAO (uses AuthorDAO)

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Member Function Documentation

AuthorDAO::AuthorDAO ( )


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AuthorDAO::getAuthorsAlphabetizedByPress (   $pressId = null,
  $initial = null,
  $rangeInfo = null 

Retrieve all published authors for a press in an associative array by the first letter of the last name, for example: $returnedArray['S'] gives array($misterSmithObject, $misterSmytheObject, ...) Keys will appear in sorted order. Note that if pressId is null, alphabetized authors for all presses are returned.

$initialAn initial the last names must begin with
array Authors ordered by sequence

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References AppLocale\getLocale(), AppLocale\getPrimaryLocale(), DAO\retrieveRange(), and String\strtolower().

AuthorDAO::newDataObject ( )

Get a new data object


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