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AjaxLegacyPluginModal Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AjaxLegacyPluginModal:
AjaxModal Modal LinkActionRequest

Public Member Functions

 AjaxLegacyPluginModal ($url, $title=null, $titleIcon=null, $canClose=true)
 getLocalizedOptions ()
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 AjaxModal ($url, $title=null, $titleIcon=null, $canClose=true)
 getLocalizedOptions ()
 getUrl ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Modal
 getCanClose ()
 getJSLinkActionRequest ()
 getLocalizedOptions ()
 getTitle ()
 getTitleIcon ()
 getWidth ()
 Modal ($title=null, $titleIcon=null, $canClose=true, $width=MODAL_WIDTH_DEFAULT)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LinkActionRequest
 getJSLinkActionRequest ()
 getLocalizedOptions ()
 LinkActionRequest ()

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

An ajax modal to be used in plugins management. This is part of a temporary solution, while we don't modernize the UI of the plugins. The functionalities implemented here are not necessary anywhere else. DON'T USE this handler if you are not showing legacy plugins management content. FIXME After modernizing the UI of the plugins, remove this class.

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Member Function Documentation

AjaxLegacyPluginModal::AjaxLegacyPluginModal (   $url,
  $title = null,
  $titleIcon = null,
  $canClose = true 


$urlstring The URL of the AJAX resource to load into the modal.
$titlestring (optional) The localized modal title.
$titleIconstring (optional) The icon to be used in the modal title bar.
$canCloseboolean (optional) Whether the modal will have a close button.

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AjaxLegacyPluginModal::getLocalizedOptions ( )

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