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AddFileLinkAction Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AddFileLinkAction:
BaseAddFileLinkAction LinkAction

Public Member Functions

 _getTextLabels ($fileStage)
 AddFileLinkAction ($request, $submissionId, $stageId, $uploaderRoles, $uploaderGroupIds, $fileStage, $assocType=null, $assocId=null, $reviewRoundId=null, $dependentFilesOnly=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseAddFileLinkAction
 BaseAddFileLinkAction ($request, $submissionId, $stageId, $uploaderRoles, $uploaderGroupIds, $actionArgs, $wizardTitle, $buttonLabel)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LinkAction
 getActionRequest ()
 getHoverTitle ()
 getId ()
 getImage ()
 getTitle ()
 getToolTip ()
 LinkAction ($id, &$actionRequest, $title=null, $image=null, $toolTip=null)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

An action to add a submission file.

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Member Function Documentation

AddFileLinkAction::_getTextLabels (   $fileStage)

Static method to return text labels for upload to different file stages.

$fileStageinteger One of the SUBMISSION_FILE_* constants.

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Referenced by AddFileLinkAction().

AddFileLinkAction::AddFileLinkAction (   $request,
  $assocType = null,
  $assocId = null,
  $reviewRoundId = null,
  $dependentFilesOnly = false 


$submissionIdinteger The submission the file should be uploaded to.
$stageIdinteger The workflow stage in which the file uploader is being instantiated (one of the WORKFLOW_STAGE_ID_* constants).
$uploaderRolesarray The ids of all roles allowed to upload in the context of this action.
$uploaderGroupIdsarray The ids of all allowed user groups to upload in the context of this action, or null to permit all.
$fileStageinteger The file stage the file should be uploaded to (one of the SUBMISSION_FILE_* constants).
$assocTypeinteger The type of the element the file should be associated with (one fo the ASSOC_TYPE_* constants).
$assocIdinteger The id of the element the file should be associated with.
$reviewRoundIdint The current review round ID (if any)
$dependentFilesOnlybool whether to only include dependent files in the Genres dropdown.

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References _getTextLabels().

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