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AccessKeyManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 _performPeriodicCleanup ()
 AccessKeyManager ()
 createKey ($context, $userId, $assocId, $expiryDays)
 generateKeyHash ($key)
 validateKey ($context, $userId, $keyHash, $assocId=null)

Detailed Description

Class defining operations for AccessKey management.

See Also

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Member Function Documentation

AccessKeyManager::_performPeriodicCleanup ( )

Periodically clean up expired keys.

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References DAORegistry\getDAO().

Referenced by AccessKeyManager().

AccessKeyManager::AccessKeyManager ( )

Constructor. Create a manager for access keys.

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References _performPeriodicCleanup(), and DAORegistry\getDAO().

AccessKeyManager::createKey (   $context,

Create an access key with the given information.

$contextstring The context of the access key
$userIdint The ID of the effective user for this access key
$assocIdint The associated ID of the key
$expiryDaysint The number of days before this key expires
accessKey string The generated passkey

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References generateKeyHash(), PKPValidation\generatePassword(), and Core\getCurrentDate().

AccessKeyManager::generateKeyHash (   $key)

Generate a key hash from a key.


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Referenced by RegistrationHandler\activateUser(), and createKey().

AccessKeyManager::validateKey (   $context,
  $assocId = null 

Validate an access key based on the supplied credentials. If $assocId is specified, it must match the associated ID of the key exactly.

$contextstring The context of the access key
$keyHashstring The access key "passcode"
$assocIdstring optional assoc ID to check against the keys in the database

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