OJS Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering your installation of OJS!

With the release of our new website we currently do not maintain a list of OJS journals as we once did. Rather, we are increasingly relying on automated means of generating these lists, links and statistics and you can expect more announcements from us in this regard in the future. In the meantime if you’re interested in current OJS usage worldwide, please see our OJS Usage┬ápage.

If you are looking for support for your OJS installation please visit our wiki, search or post to our support forums, visit the PKP School, or contact us directly.

10 Comments on "OJS Registration"

  1. Najid Ahmad says:

    Dear, Please guide me how to set up for new journal? I know the basic plugins of OJS but don’t know how to set up for new journal in OJS. I have online journal with ISSN. Please guide me how to create basic setup for this on OJS. I know how to work futher on OJS. I’ll be thankful for your early reply.

  2. Ojs is amazing. I have learned it for nearly 4 years. Since then, I backup all our past jissues. Following that, we decided to follow this system from the earliest step, submitting manuscript. Eventhough we have not mastered on it yet, we belive that ojs will improve the publication quality. Thank for developing this system.

  3. Jessika Voll says:

    how do I register with OJS?

    • Karen Meijer-Kline says:

      Hi Jessika,

      We don’t currently have an option to register with OJS. If we start such a service again in the future, we will let our users know.

      Best regards,

  4. Cynthia Sy Esplanada says:

    Please inform us if you open up your service for registration. Thanks.

    Cynthia Esplanada

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