OJS Usage

OJS is used by many journals around the world. One of the challenges of managing an open source software project is that anyone can download and use the software without letting us know. In balancing users’ rights to privacy with our desire to know more about the OJS community, we are investigating several ways to gather data about its usage. We know of at least 24,000 uses of OJS, whether for journal publishing, testing, research, experimentation, or for other purposes (e.g., as a learning management system, as a document repository, etc.), and we are continuing to map and graph the history of journals actively using OJS to publish, as well as the number of published articles, and the number of hosting sites for OJS (see below)

In order to provide a better sense of how OJS is being used for journal publishing, we have developed graphs and maps focused specifically on journals that publish at least 10 articles per year:

OJS Statistics: Map
OJS Statistics: Graph

These will be updated regularly. Moving forward, we are continuing to develop ways to track the different ways in which our software is being used and will publish the results here in the future.