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XMLParserDOMHandler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for XMLParserDOMHandler:
XMLParserHandler ONIXParserDOMHandler

Public Member Functions

 characterData (&$parser, $data)
 endElement (&$parser, $tag)
getResult ()
 startElement (&$parser, $tag, $attributes)
 XMLParserHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XMLParserHandler
 characterData (&$parser, $data)
 endElement (&$parser, $tag)
getResult ()
 startElement (&$parser, $tag, $attributes)

Detailed Description

Default handler for XMLParser returning a simple DOM-style object. This handler parses an XML document into a tree structure of XMLNode objects.

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Member Function Documentation

XMLParserDOMHandler::characterData ( $parser,

Callback function to act as the character data handler.

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XMLParserDOMHandler::endElement ( $parser,

Callback function to act as the end element handler.

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& XMLParserDOMHandler::getResult ( )

Returns a reference to the root node of the tree representing the document.


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XMLParserDOMHandler::startElement ( $parser,

Callback function to act as the start element handler.

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XMLParserDOMHandler::XMLParserHandler ( )


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