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WebTestCase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for WebTestCase:
FunctionalDOIPubIdPluginTest FunctionalImportExportBaseTestCase FunctionalLucenePluginBaseTestCase FunctionalUrnPubIdPluginTest FunctionalCrossrefExportTest FunctionalDoiExportTest FunctionalNativeExportTest FunctionalNativeImportTest FunctionalPubIdsImportExportTest FunctionalPubmedExportTest FunctionalLucenePluginAutocompletionTest FunctionalLucenePluginConfigTest FunctionalLucenePluginCustomRankingTest FunctionalLucenePluginFacetingTest FunctionalLucenePluginHighlightingTest FunctionalLucenePluginRankingTest FunctionalLucenePluginSearchTest FunctionalLucenePluginSimDocTest FunctionalLucenePluginSpellingTest

Protected Member Functions

 getAffectedTables ()
 improveException ($e, $testObject)
 logIn ()
 setUp ()
 tearDown ()
 verified ()
 verifyAndOpen ($url)

Detailed Description

Base test class for Selenium functional tests.

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Member Function Documentation

WebTestCase::getAffectedTables ( )

Override this method if you want to backup/restore tables before/after the test.

array A list of tables to backup and restore.

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Referenced by setUp(), and tearDown().

WebTestCase::setUp ( )
See Also

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References getAffectedTables(), and Config\getVar().

WebTestCase::tearDown ( )
See Also

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References getAffectedTables().

WebTestCase::verified ( )

Check for verification errors and clean the verification error list.

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Referenced by FunctionalLucenePluginConfigTest\testPluginActivation(), and verifyAndOpen().

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