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UserXMLParser Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 generatePassword (&$user)
 generateUsername (&$user)
getErrors ()
getImportedUsers ()
getUsersToImport ()
 importUsers ($sendNotify=false, $continueOnError=false)
parseData ($file)
 setUsersToImport ($users)
 UserXMLParser ($journalId)
 validRole ($roleType)

Detailed Description

Class to import and export user data from an XML format. See dbscripts/xml/dtd/users.dtd for the XML schema used.

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Member Function Documentation

UserXMLParser::generatePassword ( $user)

Generate a random password for a user.

$userImportedUser the user to be modified by this function

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References Validation\encryptCredentials(), and Validation\generatePassword().

Referenced by importUsers().

UserXMLParser::generateUsername ( $user)

Generate a unique username for a user based on the user's name.

$userImportedUser the user to be modified by this function

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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), and String\regexp_replace().

Referenced by importUsers().

& UserXMLParser::getErrors ( )

Return an array of error messages that occurred during the import.

array string

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& UserXMLParser::getImportedUsers ( )

Return the set of users who were successfully imported.

array ImportedUsers

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& UserXMLParser::getUsersToImport ( )

Return the set of parsed users.

array ImportedUsers

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UserXMLParser::importUsers (   $sendNotify = false,
  $continueOnError = false 

Import the parsed users into the system.

$sendNotifyboolean send an email notification to each imported user containing their username and password
$continueOnErrorboolean continue to import remaining users if a failure occurs
boolean success

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References Validation\encryptCredentials(), generatePassword(), generateUsername(), and DAORegistry\getDAO().

& UserXMLParser::parseData (   $file)

Parse an XML users file into a set of users to import.

$filestring path to the XML file to parse
array ImportedUsers the collection of users read from the file

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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), AppLocale\getPrimaryLocale(), PKPRequest\getSite(), Config\getVar(), PKPLocale\isLocaleValid(), and validRole().

Referenced by UserImportExportPlugin\executeCLI().

UserXMLParser::setUsersToImport (   $users)

Specify the set of parsed users.


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UserXMLParser::UserXMLParser (   $journalId)


$journalIdint assumed to be a valid journal ID

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UserXMLParser::validRole (   $roleType)

Check if a role type value identifies a valid role that can be imported. Note we do not allow users to be imported into the "admin" role.


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Referenced by parseData().

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