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SimplePie_Sanitize Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 set_url_replacements ($element_attribute=array('a'=> 'href', 'area'=> 'href', 'blockquote'=> 'cite', 'del'=> 'cite', 'form'=> 'action', 'img'=> array('longdesc', 'src'), 'input'=> 'src', 'ins'=> 'cite', 'q'=> 'cite'))

Detailed Description

Move to using an actual HTML parser (this will allow tags to be properly stripped, and to switch between HTML and XHTML), this will also make it easier to shorten a string while preserving HTML tags

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Member Function Documentation

SimplePie_Sanitize::set_url_replacements (   $element_attribute = array('a' => 'href', 'area' => 'href', 'blockquote' => 'cite', 'del' => 'cite', 'form' => 'action', 'img' => array('longdesc', 'src'), 'input' => 'src', 'ins' => 'cite', 'q' => 'cite'))

Set element/attribute key/value pairs of HTML attributes containing URLs that need to be resolved relative to the feed


array$element_attributeElement/attribute key/value pairs

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