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ScheduledTask Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ScheduledTask:
BooksForReviewReminder CrossrefInfoSender DataciteInfoSender FileLoader ObjectsForReviewReminder OpenAccessNotification ReviewReminder SubscriptionExpiryReminder

Public Member Functions

 addExecutionLogEntry ($message, $type=null)
 execute ()
 executeActions ()
getHelper ()
 getName ()
 getProcessId ()
 ScheduledTask ($args=array())

Detailed Description

Base class for executing scheduled tasks. All scheduled task classes must extend this class and implement execute().

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Member Function Documentation

ScheduledTask::addExecutionLogEntry (   $message,
  $type = null 

Add an entry into the execution log.

$messagestring A translated message.
$typestring (optional) One of the ScheduledTaskHelper SCHEDULED_TASK_MESSAGE_TYPE... constants.

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References Core\getCurrentDate().

Referenced by FileLoader\_archiveFile(), FileLoader\_claimNextFile(), UsageStatsLoader\_getAssocFromUrl(), FileLoader\checkFolderStructure(), execute(), UsageStatsLoader\executeActions(), FileLoader\executeActions(), and FileLoader\moveFile().

ScheduledTask::execute ( )

Make sure the execution process follow the required steps. This is not the method one should extend to implement the task actions, for this see ScheduledTask::executeActions().

boolean$notifyAdminoptional Whether or not the task will notify the site administrator about errors, warnings or completed process.
boolean Whether or not the task was succesfully executed.

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References addExecutionLogEntry(), executeActions(), getHelper(), getName(), and Config\getVar().

ScheduledTask::executeActions ( )

Implement this method to execute the task actions.

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Referenced by execute().

& ScheduledTask::getHelper ( )

Get scheduled task helper object.


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Referenced by execute().

ScheduledTask::getName ( )

Get the scheduled task name. Override to define a custom task name.


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Referenced by execute(), and ScheduledTask().

ScheduledTask::getProcessId ( )

Get this process id.


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Referenced by ScheduledTask().

ScheduledTask::ScheduledTask (   $args = array())



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References getName(), getProcessId(), and AppLocale\requireComponents().

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