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RegistrationHandler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for RegistrationHandler:
UserHandler Handler PKPHandler

Public Member Functions

 activateUser ($args, &$request)
 register ($args, &$request)
 registerUser ($args, &$request)
 registrationDisabled ($request)
 RegistrationHandler ()
 validate (&$request)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UserHandler
 _checkIncompleteSetup ($journal)
 _getRoleDataForJournal ($userId, $journalId, &$submissionsCount, &$isValid)
 authorizationDenied ($args, &$request)
 become ($args, &$request)
 completePurchaseSubscription ($args, &$request)
 gifts ($args, $request)
 index ($args, &$request)
 payMembership ($args, &$request)
 payPurchaseSubscription ($args, &$request)
 payRenewSubscription ($args, &$request)
 purchaseSubscription ($args, &$request)
 redeemGift ($args, $request)
 setLocale ($args, $request)
 setupTemplate (&$request, $subclass=false)
 subscriptions ($args, &$request)
 UserHandler ()
 validate ($loginCheck=true)
 viewPublicProfile ($args, &$request)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPHandler
 addCheck (&$handlerValidator)
 addPolicy (&$authorizationPolicy, $addToTop=false)
 addRoleAssignment ($roleIds, $operations)
 authorize (&$request, &$args, $roleAssignments)
getAuthorizedContext ()
getAuthorizedContextObject ($assocType)
getDispatcher ()
 getId ()
 getLastAuthorizationMessage ()
 getLoginExemptions ()
getRangeInfo ($rangeName, $contextData=null)
 getRoleAssignment ($roleId)
 getRoleAssignments ()
 hashPageContext ($contextData=array())
 index ()
 initialize (&$request, $args=null)
 PKPHandler ()
 requireSSL ()
 setDispatcher (&$dispatcher)
 setId ($id)
 validate ($requiredContexts=null, $request=null)

Detailed Description

Handle requests for user registration.

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Member Function Documentation

RegistrationHandler::activateUser (   $args,

Check credentials and activate a new user

Marc Bria

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References AccessKeyManager\generateKeyHash(), Core\getCurrentDate(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), and UserHandler\setupTemplate().

RegistrationHandler::register (   $args,

Display registration form for new users.


Definition at line 31 of file

References DAORegistry\getDAO(), UserHandler\setupTemplate(), and validate().

RegistrationHandler::registerUser (   $args,

Validate user registration information and register new user.


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References Config\getVar(), Validation\isLoggedIn(), Validation\login(), UserHandler\setupTemplate(), and validate().

RegistrationHandler::registrationDisabled (   $request)

Show error message if user registration is not allowed.


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References UserHandler\setupTemplate().

Referenced by validate().

RegistrationHandler::RegistrationHandler ( )


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RegistrationHandler::validate ( $request)

Validation check. Checks if journal allows user registration.


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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), and registrationDisabled().

Referenced by register(), and registerUser().

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