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ReferralPlugin Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getInstallSchemaFile ()
 getManagementVerbs ()
 handleAuthorTemplateInclude ($hookName, $args)
 handleLoadHandler ($hookName, $args)
 handleReaderTemplateInclude ($hookName, $args)
 handleTemplateDisplay ($hookName, $args)
 logArticleRequest (&$templateMgr)
 register ($category, $path)
 setBreadcrumbs ($isSubclass=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GenericPlugin
 GenericPlugin ()
 getManagementVerbs ($verbs=array())
 manage ($verb, $args, &$message, &$messageParams)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LazyLoadPlugin
 getEnabled ()
 getName ()
 LazyLoadPlugin ()
 register ($category, $path)
 setEnabled ($enabled)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Plugin
 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getNewJournalPluginSettingsFile ()
 getSetting ($journalId, $name)
 Plugin ()
 updateSetting ($journalId, $name, $value, $type=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPPlugin
 _getContextSpecificInstallationHook ()
 addHelpData ($locale=null)
 addLocaleData ($locale=null)
 getCategory ()
 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name)
 getCurrentVersion ()
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getHelpMappingFilename ()
 getHideManagement ()
 getInstallDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplateDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplatesFile ()
 getInstallFilterConfigFiles ()
 getInstallSchemaFile ()
 getInstallSitePluginSettingsFile ()
 getLocaleFilename ($locale)
 getManagementVerbs ()
 getName ()
 getPluginPath ()
 getSeq ()
 getSettingMainContext ()
 getTemplatePath ()
 import ($class)
 installContextSpecificSettings ($hookName, $args)
 installData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplateData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplates ($hookName, $args)
 installFilters ($hookName, $args)
 installLocale ($hookName, $args)
 installSiteSettings ($hookName, $args)
 isSitePlugin ()
 manage ($verb, $args, &$message, &$messageParams, $request=null)
 PKPPlugin ()
 register ($category, $path)
 smartyPluginUrl ($params, &$smarty)
 updateContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name, $value, $type=null)
 updateSchema ($hookName, $args)

Detailed Description

Referral plugin to track and maintain potential references to published articles.

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Member Function Documentation

ReferralPlugin::getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ( )

Get the name of the settings file to be installed on new journal creation.


Definition at line 262 of file

References PKPPlugin\getPluginPath().

ReferralPlugin::getDescription ( )

Get the description of this plugin


Definition at line 278 of file

ReferralPlugin::getDisplayName ( )

Get the display name of this plugin


Definition at line 270 of file

ReferralPlugin::getInstallSchemaFile ( )

Get the filename of the ADODB schema for this plugin.

Definition at line 285 of file

References PKPPlugin\getPluginPath().

ReferralPlugin::getManagementVerbs ( )

Display verbs for the management interface.

Definition at line 44 of file

ReferralPlugin::handleAuthorTemplateInclude (   $hookName,

Intercept the author index page to add referral content

Definition at line 140 of file

References DAORegistry\getDAO(), Request\getJournal(), PKPHandler\getRangeInfo(), PKPPlugin\getTemplatePath(), PKPRequest\getUser(), and PKPRequest\getUserVar().

ReferralPlugin::handleLoadHandler (   $hookName,

Intercept the load handler hook to present the user-facing referrals list if necessary.

Definition at line 122 of file

References Registry\set().

ReferralPlugin::handleReaderTemplateInclude (   $hookName,

Intercept the article comments template to add referral content

Definition at line 179 of file

References DAORegistry\getDAO(), and PKPPlugin\getTemplatePath().

ReferralPlugin::handleTemplateDisplay (   $hookName,

Hook callback: Handle requests.

Definition at line 199 of file

References logArticleRequest(), and HookRegistry\register().

ReferralPlugin::logArticleRequest ( $templateMgr)

Intercept requests for article display to collect and record incoming referrals.

Definition at line 224 of file

References Core\getCurrentDate(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), PKPRequest\getIndexUrl(), and Plugin\getSetting().

Referenced by handleTemplateDisplay().

ReferralPlugin::register (   $category,

Register the plugin, if enabled; note that this plugin runs under both Journal and Site contexts.


Definition at line 26 of file

References HookRegistry\register(), and DAORegistry\registerDAO().

ReferralPlugin::setBreadcrumbs (   $isSubclass = false)

Set the page's breadcrumbs, given the plugin's tree of items to append.


Definition at line 98 of file

References Request\url().

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