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PrimitiveTypeDescription Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PrimitiveTypeDescription:
TypeDescription ValidatorTypeDescription

Public Member Functions

 _getPrimitiveTypeName (&$variable)
 _supportedPrimitiveTypes ()
 checkType (&$object)
 getNamespace ()
 parseTypeName ($typeName)
 PrimitiveTypeDescription ($typeName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TypeDescription
 _parseTypeNameInternally ($typeName)
 checkType (&$object)
 getNamespace ()
 getTypeDescription ()
 getTypeName ()
 isCompatible (&$object)
 parseTypeName ($typeName)
 TypeDescription ($typeName)

Detailed Description

Class that describes a primitive input/output type.

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Member Function Documentation

PrimitiveTypeDescription::_getPrimitiveTypeName ( $variable)

Return a string representation of a primitive type.


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Referenced by checkType().

PrimitiveTypeDescription::_supportedPrimitiveTypes ( )

Returns a (static) array with supported primitive type names.

NB: Workaround for missing static class members in PHP4.

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Referenced by parseTypeName().

PrimitiveTypeDescription::checkType ( $object)
PrimitiveTypeDescription::getNamespace ( )
PrimitiveTypeDescription::parseTypeName (   $typeName)
PrimitiveTypeDescription::PrimitiveTypeDescription (   $typeName)


$typeNamestring Allowed primitive types are 'integer', 'string', 'float' and 'boolean'.

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