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PageRouter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PageRouter:
PKPPageRouter PKPRouter

Public Member Functions

 getCacheablePages ()
 redirectHome (&$request)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPPageRouter
 _getRequestedUrlParts ($callback, &$request)
 getCacheablePages ()
 getCacheFilename (&$request)
 getInstallationPages ()
 getRequestedArgs (&$request)
 getRequestedOp (&$request)
 getRequestedPage (&$request)
 handleAuthorizationFailure ($request, $authorizationMessage)
 isCacheable (&$request, $testOnly=false)
 route (&$request)
 url (&$request, $newContext=null, $page=null, $op=null, $path=null, $params=null, $anchor=null, $escape=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPRouter
 _authorizeInitializeAndCallRequest (&$serviceEndpoint, &$request, &$args, $validate=true)
 _contextLevelToContextName ($contextLevel)
 _contextNameToContextLevel ($contextName)
 _urlCanonicalizeNewContext ($newContext)
 _urlFromParts ($baseUrl, $pathInfoArray=array(), $queryParametersArray=array(), $anchor= '', $escape=false)
 _urlGetAdditionalParameters (&$request, $params=null, $escape=true)
 _urlGetBaseAndContext (&$request, $newContext=array())
getApplication ()
 getCacheFilename (&$request)
getContext (&$request, $requestedContextLevel=1)
getContextByName (&$request, $requestedContextName)
getDispatcher ()
 getIndexUrl (&$request)
 getRequestedContextPath (&$request, $requestedContextLevel=1)
 getRequestedContextPaths (&$request)
 handleAuthorizationFailure ($request, $authorizationMessage)
 isCacheable (&$request)
 route (&$request)
 setApplication (&$application)
 setDispatcher (&$dispatcher)
 supports (&$request)
 url (&$request, $newContext=null, $handler=null, $op=null, $path=null, $params=null, $anchor=null, $escape=false)

Detailed Description

Class providing OJS-specific page routing.

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Member Function Documentation

PageRouter::getCacheablePages ( )

get the cacheable pages


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PageRouter::redirectHome ( $request)

Redirect to user home page (or the role home page if the user has one role).

$requestPKPRequest the request to be routed

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References PKPRouter\getContext(), and DAORegistry\getDAO().

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