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PKPMods34Schema Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PKPMods34Schema:
MetadataSchema Mods34Schema

Public Member Functions

 PKPMods34Schema ($appSpecificAssocType=null, $useAuthoritiesForSubject=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MetadataSchema
 addProperty ($name, $allowedTypes=METADATA_PROPERTY_TYPE_STRING, $translated=false, $cardinality=METADATA_PROPERTY_CARDINALITY_ONE, $displayName=null, $validationMessage=null, $mandatory=false)
 getAssocTypes ()
 getClassName ()
 getName ()
 getNamespace ()
 getNamespacedPropertyId ($propertyName)
getProperties ()
getProperty ($propertyName)
 getPropertyNames ()
 getPropertyNamesByType ($propertyType)
 hasProperty ($propertyName)
 MetadataSchema ($name, $namespace, $classname, $assocTypes)
 setProperties (&$properties)

Detailed Description

Class that provides meta-data properties compliant with a subset of MODS Version 3.4. We only support those sub-elements we have use-cases (and data) for. We map elements and attributes from the original XML standard to 'element/subelement[="..."]' property names.

See Also

MODS allows most elements, especially top-level elements to be repeated. We do not implement that full flexibility as we only require repeated elements for translation. This allows us to avoid the considerable extra overhead of handling composite elements in most cases. We essentially translate MODS into a flat key-value list wherever possible. The most notable exception to this rule is the name element which is implemented as a composite. Additional composites can be introduced later if required.


Wherever possible we follow the "Digital Library Federation / Aquifer Implementation Guidelines for Shareable MODS Records", see

NB: This class is an application agnostic base class to be extended by application specific versions of the schema configuring this class via constructor arguments.

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Member Function Documentation

PKPMods34Schema::PKPMods34Schema (   $appSpecificAssocType = null,
  $useAuthoritiesForSubject = false 


$useAuthoritiesForSubjectboolean whether the subject is free text or controlled by vocabularies.

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References MetadataSchema\addProperty().

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