Open Journal Systems  2.4.8
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OJSSwordDeposit Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 _addFile (&$file)
 addEditorial ()
 addGalleys ()
 cleanup ()
 createPackage ()
 deposit ($url, $username, $password)
 OJSSwordDeposit (&$article)
 setMetadata ()

Detailed Description

Class providing a SWORD deposit wrapper for OJS articles.

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Member Function Documentation

OJSSwordDeposit::_addFile ( $file)

Add a file to a package. Used internally.

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Referenced by addEditorial(), and addGalleys().

OJSSwordDeposit::addEditorial ( )

Add the single most recent editorial file to the deposit package.

boolean true iff a file was successfully added to the package

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References _addFile(), and DAORegistry\getDAO().

OJSSwordDeposit::addGalleys ( )

Add all article galleys to the deposit package.

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References _addFile().

OJSSwordDeposit::cleanup ( )

Clean up after a deposit, i.e. removing all created files.

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OJSSwordDeposit::createPackage ( )

Build the package.

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OJSSwordDeposit::deposit (   $url,

Deposit the package.

$urlstring SWORD deposit URL
$usernamestring SWORD deposit username (i.e. email address for DSPACE)
$passwordstring SWORD deposit password

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OJSSwordDeposit::OJSSwordDeposit ( $article)

Constructor. Create a SWORD deposit object for an OJS article.

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References DAORegistry\getDAO().

OJSSwordDeposit::setMetadata ( )

Register the article's metadata with the SWORD deposit.

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References PluginRegistry\loadPlugin().

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