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Nlm30NameSchema Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Nlm30NameSchema:

Public Member Functions

 Nlm30NameSchema ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MetadataSchema
 addProperty ($name, $allowedTypes=METADATA_PROPERTY_TYPE_STRING, $translated=false, $cardinality=METADATA_PROPERTY_CARDINALITY_ONE, $displayName=null, $validationMessage=null, $mandatory=false)
 getAssocTypes ()
 getClassName ()
 getName ()
 getNamespace ()
 getNamespacedPropertyId ($propertyName)
getProperties ()
getProperty ($propertyName)
 getPropertyNames ()
 getPropertyNamesByType ($propertyType)
 hasProperty ($propertyName)
 MetadataSchema ($name, $namespace, $classname, $assocTypes)
 setProperties (&$properties)

Detailed Description

Class that provides meta-data properties compliant with the NLM name tag from the NLM Journal Publishing Tag Set Version 3.0. Records of this type will be used as composite property within the person group properties.

See Also

NB: The given-names tag has a cardinality "many" in our schema which is a deviation from the original NLM standard. This deviation is necessary to ensure full "roundtripability" to/from OpenURL as required by our specification. We'll have to provide special handling for this when exporting to NLM XML.

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Member Function Documentation

Nlm30NameSchema::Nlm30NameSchema ( )


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References MetadataSchema\addProperty().

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