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Nlm30CitationSchema Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Nlm30CitationSchema:

Public Member Functions

 Nlm30CitationSchema ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MetadataSchema
 addProperty ($name, $allowedTypes=METADATA_PROPERTY_TYPE_STRING, $translated=false, $cardinality=METADATA_PROPERTY_CARDINALITY_ONE, $displayName=null, $validationMessage=null, $mandatory=false)
 getAssocTypes ()
 getClassName ()
 getName ()
 getNamespace ()
 getNamespacedPropertyId ($propertyName)
getProperties ()
getProperty ($propertyName)
 getPropertyNames ()
 getPropertyNamesByType ($propertyType)
 hasProperty ($propertyName)
 MetadataSchema ($name, $namespace, $classname, $assocTypes)
 setProperties (&$properties)

Detailed Description

Class that provides meta-data properties compliant with the NLM element-citation tag from the NLM Journal Publishing Tag Set Version 3.0. We only use the "references class" of elements allowed in the element-citation tag. We do not support all sub-elements but only those we have use-cases for. We map elements and attributes from the original XML standard to 'element[="..."]' property names.

See Also

For details see,, and

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Member Function Documentation

Nlm30CitationSchema::Nlm30CitationSchema ( )


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References MetadataSchema\addProperty().

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