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MetricsDAO Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MetricsDAO:

Public Member Functions

 getLoadId ($assocType, $assocId, $metricType)
getMetrics ($metricType, $columns=array(), $filters=array(), $orderBy=array(), $range=null)
 hasRecord ($metricType)
 insertRecord (&$record, &$errorMsg)
 purgeLoadBatch ($loadId)
 purgeRecords ($metricType, $toDate)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DAO
 concat ()
 convertFromDB ($value, $type)
 convertToDB ($value, &$type)
 DAO ($dataSource=null, $callHooks=true)
 dateFromDB ($d)
 datetimeFromDB ($dt)
 datetimeToDB ($dt)
 dateToDB ($d)
 flushCache ()
 formatDateToDB ($date, $defaultNumWeeks=null, $acceptPastDate=true)
 getAffectedRows ()
 getDataChangedEvent ($elementId=null, $parentElementId=null)
getDataSource ()
 getDirectionMapping ($direction)
 getDriver ()
 getInsertId ($table= '', $id= '', $callHooks=true)
 getType ($value)
 replace ($table, $arrFields, $keyCols)
retrieve ($sql, $params=false, $callHooks=true)
retrieveCached ($sql, $params=false, $secsToCache=3600, $callHooks=true)
retrieveLimit ($sql, $params=false, $numRows=false, $offset=false, $callHooks=true)
retrieveRange ($sql, $params=false, $dbResultRange=null, $callHooks=true)
 setCacheDir ()
 setDataSource (&$dataSource)
 update ($sql, $params=false, $callHooks=true, $dieOnError=true)
 updateDataObjectSettings ($tableName, &$dataObject, $idArray)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Operations for retrieving and adding statistics data.

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Member Function Documentation

MetricsDAO::getLoadId (   $assocType,

Get all load ids that are associated with records filtered by the passed arguments.


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References DAO\retrieve().

& MetricsDAO::getMetrics (   $metricType,
  $columns = array(),
  $filters = array(),
  $orderBy = array(),
  $range = null 

Retrieve a range of aggregate, filtered, ordered metric values, i.e. a statistics report.

See Also for a full specification of the input and output format of this method.
$metricTypestring|array metrics selection
$columnsstring|array column (aggregation level) selection
$filtersarray report-level filter selection
$orderByarray order criteria
$rangenull|DBResultRange paging specification
null|array The selected data as a simple tabular result set or null if metrics are not supported by this plug-in, the specified report is invalid or cannot be produced or another error occurred.

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References DAO\retrieveLimit(), and DAO\retrieveRange().

MetricsDAO::hasRecord (   $metricType)

Check for the presence of any record that has the passed metric type.


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References DAO\retrieve().

MetricsDAO::insertRecord ( $record,

Insert an entry into metrics table.


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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), String\regexp_match(), and DAO\update().

MetricsDAO::purgeLoadBatch (   $loadId)

Purge a load batch before re-loading it.


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References DAO\update().

MetricsDAO::purgeRecords (   $metricType,

Purge all records associated with the passed metric type until the passed date.


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References DAO\update().

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