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MetadataPlugin Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MetadataPlugin:
Plugin PKPPlugin PKPDc11MetadataPlugin PKPMods34MetadataPlugin PKPNlm30MetadataPlugin PKPOpenurl10MetadataPlugin Dc11MetadataPlugin Mods34MetadataPlugin Nlm30MetadataPlugin Openurl10MetadataPlugin

Public Member Functions

 getInstallDataFile ()
 installData ($hookName, $args)
 MetadataPlugin ()
 register ($category, $path)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Plugin
 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getNewJournalPluginSettingsFile ()
 getSetting ($journalId, $name)
 Plugin ()
 updateSetting ($journalId, $name, $value, $type=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPPlugin
 _getContextSpecificInstallationHook ()
 addHelpData ($locale=null)
 addLocaleData ($locale=null)
 getCategory ()
 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name)
 getCurrentVersion ()
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getHelpMappingFilename ()
 getHideManagement ()
 getInstallDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplateDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplatesFile ()
 getInstallFilterConfigFiles ()
 getInstallSchemaFile ()
 getInstallSitePluginSettingsFile ()
 getLocaleFilename ($locale)
 getManagementVerbs ()
 getName ()
 getPluginPath ()
 getSeq ()
 getSettingMainContext ()
 getTemplatePath ()
 import ($class)
 installContextSpecificSettings ($hookName, $args)
 installData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplateData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplates ($hookName, $args)
 installFilters ($hookName, $args)
 installLocale ($hookName, $args)
 installSiteSettings ($hookName, $args)
 isSitePlugin ()
 manage ($verb, $args, &$message, &$messageParams, $request=null)
 PKPPlugin ()
 register ($category, $path)
 smartyPluginUrl ($params, &$smarty)
 updateContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name, $value, $type=null)
 updateSchema ($hookName, $args)

Detailed Description

Abstract class for metadata plugins.

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Member Function Documentation

MetadataPlugin::getInstallDataFile ( )

This implementation looks for files that contain controlled vocabulary data. It can discover and return more than one file.

See Also

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References PKPPlugin\getPluginPath(), and Plugin\getSetting().

MetadataPlugin::installData (   $hookName,

This implementation marks the vocabulary data as installed.

See Also

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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), and PKPPlugin\getName().

MetadataPlugin::MetadataPlugin ( )


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MetadataPlugin::register (   $category,
See Also

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References PKPPlugin\addLocaleData().

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