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MetadataDescriptionDAOTest Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MetadataDescriptionDAOTest:
DatabaseTestCase PKPTestCase

Public Member Functions

 testMetadataDescriptionCrud ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPTestCase
 getActualOutput ()

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DatabaseTestCase
 getAffectedTables ()
 setUp ()
 tearDown ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PKPTestCase
 getMockedDAOs ()
 getMockedRegistryKeys ()
 setTestConfiguration ($config, $configPath= 'config')
 setUp ()
 tearDown ()

Detailed Description

Test class for MetadataDescriptionDAO.

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Definition at line 21 of file MetadataDescriptionDAOTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

MetadataDescriptionDAOTest::setUp ( )
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Definition at line 30 of file MetadataDescriptionDAOTest.php.

MetadataDescriptionDAOTest::testMetadataDescriptionCrud ( )


FIXME: The test data used here and in the CitationDAOTest are very similar. We should find a way to not duplicate this test data.

Definition at line 42 of file MetadataDescriptionDAOTest.php.

References DAORegistry\getDAO().

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