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LanguageAction Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 downloadLocale ($locale, &$errors)
 getDownloadableLocales ()
 isDownloadAvailable ()
 LanguageAction ()

Detailed Description

LanguageAction class.

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Member Function Documentation

LanguageAction::downloadLocale (   $locale,

Download and install a locale.


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References PKPLocale\getAllLocales(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), getDownloadableLocales(), Config\getVar(), and FileWrapper\wrapper().

LanguageAction::getDownloadableLocales ( )

Get the list of locales that can be downloaded for the current version.

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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), and PKPLocale\loadLocaleList().

Referenced by downloadLocale().

LanguageAction::isDownloadAvailable ( )

Actions. Check to see whether the tar function exists and appears to be available for execution from PHP, and various other conditions that are required for locale downloading to be available.


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References Config\getVar().

LanguageAction::LanguageAction ( )


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