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Install Class Reference

Inherits PKPInstall.

Public Member Functions

 createData ()
 getCreateDirectories ()
 Install ($params, $descriptor= 'install.xml', $isPlugin=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPInstall
 createConfig ()
 createDatabase ()
 createDirectories ()
 getCreateDirectories ()
 isUpgrade ()
 PKPInstall ($xmlDescriptor, $params, $isPlugin)
 preInstall ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Installer
 addInstallAction (&$node)
 addPluginVersions ()
 clearDataCache ()
 columnExists ($tableName, $columnName)
 destroy ()
 execute ()
 executeAction ($action)
 executeInstaller ()
 fileExists ($filePath)
 getConfigContents ()
getCurrentVersion ()
 getErrorMsg ()
 getErrorString ()
 getErrorType ()
getNewVersion ()
 getNotes ()
 getParam ($name)
 getSQL ()
 installEmailTemplate ($installer, $attr)
 Installer ($descriptor, $params=array(), $isPlugin=false)
 installFilterConfig ($filterConfigFile)
 isUpgrade ()
 parseInstaller ()
 parseInstallNodes (&$installTree)
 postInstall ()
 preInstall ()
 setError ($type, $msg)
 tableExists ($tableName)
 updateConfig ($configParams)
 updateVersion ()
 wroteConfig ()

Detailed Description

Perform system installation.

See Also
Installer, InstallForm

This script will:

  • Create the database (optionally), and install the database tables and initial data.
  • Update the config file with installation parameters.

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Member Function Documentation

Install::createData ( )

Create initial required data.


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References Validation\encryptCredentials(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), Installer\getParam(), and Installer\setError().

Install::getCreateDirectories ( )

Get the names of the directories to create.


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Install::Install (   $params,
  $descriptor = 'install.xml',
  $isPlugin = false 


See Also
install.form.InstallForm for the expected parameters
$paramsarray installer parameters
$descriptorstring descriptor path
$isPluginboolean true iff a plugin is being installed

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