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FunctionalLucenePluginHighlightingTest Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FunctionalLucenePluginHighlightingTest:
FunctionalLucenePluginBaseTestCase WebTestCase

Public Member Functions

 testHighlighting ()

Protected Member Functions

 getAffectedTables ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FunctionalLucenePluginBaseTestCase
 simpleSearch ($searchPhrase, $searchField= 'query', $articles=array(), $notArticles=array(), $locale= 'en_US', $journal= 'lucene-test')
 simpleSearchAcrossJournals ($searchTerm, $locale= 'en_US')
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WebTestCase
 addTag ($controlPrefix, $value)
 findSubmissionAsEditor ($username, $password=null, $title)
 getAffectedTables ()
 improveException ($e, $testObject)
 logAuthorIn ()
 logIn ($username, $password=null)
 logOut ()
 register ($data)
 setUp ()
 submitAjaxForm ($formId)
 tearDown ()
 typeText ($box, $letters)
 typeTinyMCE ($controlPrefix, $value)
 uploadFile ($file, $inputSelector= '//input[@type="file"]', $buttonSelector= '//input[@value=\'Upload\']')
 verified ()
 verifyAndOpen ($url)
 waitJQuery ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from WebTestCase
static setUpBeforeClass ()

Detailed Description

Integration/Functional test for the "highlighting" feature of the lucene plug-in.

See Also

FEATURE: highlighting

Definition at line 24 of file FunctionalLucenePluginHighlightingTestCase.php.

Member Function Documentation

FunctionalLucenePluginHighlightingTest::getAffectedTables ( )
FunctionalLucenePluginHighlightingTest::testHighlighting ( )

BACKGROUND: GIVEN I enabled the highlighting feature

SCENARIO: highlighting WHEN I execute a simple search that returns at least one result THEN I'll see a short excerpt of each article's abstract or full text containing my search keywords AND my search keywords are visually emphasized.

Definition at line 51 of file FunctionalLucenePluginHighlightingTestCase.php.

References DAORegistry\getDAO(), and FunctionalLucenePluginBaseTestCase\simpleSearch().

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