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FilterHelper Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 compareFilters (&$filterA, $filterBSettings, &$filterBSubfilters)
configureFilter ($filterNode, $persist=true)
 getFilterSetting ($settingNode)
 installFilterGroups ($filterGroupsNode)
 readArraySetting ($arrayNode)

Detailed Description

Class that provides filter-related helper methods.

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Member Function Documentation

FilterHelper::compareFilters ( $filterA,

Recursively compares two filters (filter A and filter B) based on their settings and sub-filters.

$filterBSettingsarray an array of key/value pairs
$filterBSubfiltersarray an array of filters
boolean true if the two transformations are identical, false otherwise

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Referenced by configureFilter().

& FilterHelper::configureFilter (   $filterNode,
  $persist = true 

Helper method that configures and optionally installs a filter based on the given XML node which represents a <filter> element.

$persistboolean whether to install the filter
PersistableFilter the installed filter.

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References compareFilters(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), getFilterSetting(), and String\regexp_match().

FilterHelper::getFilterSetting (   $settingNode)

Helper method that extracts filter settings from the children of a <filter> element.

$setting array a key-value pair.

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References readArraySetting().

Referenced by configureFilter().

FilterHelper::installFilterGroups (   $filterGroupsNode)

Helper method that installs filter groups based on the given XML node which represents a <filterGroups> element.


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References DAORegistry\getDAO().

FilterHelper::readArraySetting (   $arrayNode)

Recursively read an array from an XML element list.


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Referenced by getFilterSetting().

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