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DataObjectRequiredPolicy Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DataObjectRequiredPolicy:
AuthorizationPolicy CopyeditorSubmissionRequiredPolicy SectionEditorSubmissionRequiredPolicy

Public Member Functions

 dataObjectEffect ()
 DataObjectRequiredPolicy (&$request, &$args, $parameterName, $message=null, $operations=null)
 effect ()
getArgs ()
 getDataObjectId ()
getRequest ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AuthorizationPolicy
 addAuthorizedContextObject ($assocType, &$authorizedObject)
 applies ()
 AuthorizationPolicy ($message=null)
 effect ()
getAdvice ($adviceType)
getAuthorizedContext ()
getAuthorizedContextObject ($assocType)
 hasAdvice ($adviceType)
 hasAuthorizedContextObject ($assocType)
 setAdvice ($adviceType, &$adviceContent)
 setAuthorizedContext (&$authorizedContext)

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for policies that check for a data object from a parameter.

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Member Function Documentation

DataObjectRequiredPolicy::dataObjectEffect ( )

Test the data object's effect


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Referenced by effect().

DataObjectRequiredPolicy::DataObjectRequiredPolicy ( $request,
  $message = null,
  $operations = null 


$argsarray request parameters
$parameterNamestring the request parameter we expect
$operationsarray Optional list of operations for which this check takes effect. If specified, operations outside this set will not be checked against this policy.

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DataObjectRequiredPolicy::effect ( )
& DataObjectRequiredPolicy::getArgs ( )

Return the request arguments


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DataObjectRequiredPolicy::getDataObjectId ( )

Identifies a submission id in the request.

integer|false returns false if no valid submission id could be found.

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Referenced by CopyeditorSubmissionRequiredPolicy\effect(), and SectionEditorSubmissionRequiredPolicy\effect().

& DataObjectRequiredPolicy::getRequest ( )

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