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CaptchaManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 _performPeriodicCleanup ()
 CaptchaManager ()
createCaptcha ($length=6)
 generateImage (&$captcha)
 getHeight ()
 getMimeType ()
 getWidth ()
 isEnabled ()

Detailed Description

Class providing captcha services.

See Also
CaptchaDAO, Captcha

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Member Function Documentation

CaptchaManager::_performPeriodicCleanup ( )

Private function: Perform periodic cleanup on the CAPTCHA table.

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References DAORegistry\getDAO().

Referenced by CaptchaManager().

CaptchaManager::CaptchaManager ( )

Constructor. Create a manager for handling temporary file uploads.

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References _performPeriodicCleanup().

& CaptchaManager::createCaptcha (   $length = 6)

Create a CAPTCHA object.

$lengthint The length, in characters, of the CAPTCHA test to create
object Captcha

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References Validation\generatePassword(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), PKPRequest\getSession(), and isEnabled().

CaptchaManager::generateImage ( $captcha)

Generate and display the CAPTCHA image.

$captchaobject Captcha

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References getHeight(), getMimeType(), Config\getVar(), getWidth(), String\strlen(), and String\substr().

CaptchaManager::getHeight ( )

Get the height, in pixels, of the CAPTCHA test to create

int Height

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Referenced by generateImage().

CaptchaManager::getMimeType ( )

Get the MIME type of the CAPTCHA image that will be generated


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Referenced by generateImage().

CaptchaManager::getWidth ( )

Get the width, in pixels, of the CAPTCHA test to create

int Width

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Referenced by generateImage().

CaptchaManager::isEnabled ( )

Determine whether or not CAPTCHA testing is enabled and supported.


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References Config\getVar().

Referenced by createCaptcha().

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