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BooksForReviewReminder Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BooksForReviewReminder:

Public Member Functions

 BooksForReviewReminder ()
 execute ()
 sendJournalReminders ($journal, $curDate)
 sendReminder ($book, $journal, $emailKey)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScheduledTask
 _getAllMessageTypes ()
 _newProcessId ()
 execute ()
 getName ()
 getProcessId ()
 notify ($type, $message, $subject= '')
 ScheduledTask ($args=array())

Detailed Description

Class to perform automated reminders for book reviewers.

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Member Function Documentation

BooksForReviewReminder::BooksForReviewReminder ( )


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References ScheduledTask\ScheduledTask().

BooksForReviewReminder::execute ( )

Run this scheduled task.

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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), and sendJournalReminders().

BooksForReviewReminder::sendJournalReminders (   $journal,

Send email to a journal's book for review authors

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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), PluginRegistry\getPlugin(), DAORegistry\registerDAO(), and sendReminder().

Referenced by execute().

BooksForReviewReminder::sendReminder (   $book,

Send email to a book for review author

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References Request\url().

Referenced by sendJournalReminders().

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