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ArticleXMLGalleyDAO Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ArticleXMLGalleyDAO:
ArticleGalleyDAO DAO

Public Member Functions

 _getXMLGalleyFromId ($galleyId, $articleId=null)
 appendXMLGalleys ($hookName, $args)
 ArticleXMLGalleyDAO ($parentPluginName)
 deleteXMLGalleys ($hookName, $args)
 incrementXMLViews ($hookName, $args)
 insertXMLGalleys ($hookName, $args)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArticleGalleyDAO
_galleyCacheMiss (&$cache, $id)
_getGalleyCache ()
_returnGalleyFromRow (&$row)
 ArticleGalleyDAO ()
 changePubId ($galleyId, $pubIdType, $pubId)
 deleteAllPubIds ($journalId, $pubIdType)
 deleteGalley (&$galley)
 deleteGalleyById ($galleyId, $articleId=null)
 deleteGalleyImage ($galleyId, $fileId)
 deleteGalleysByArticle ($articleId)
 deleteImagesByGalley ($galleyId)
 deletePubId ($galleyId, $pubIdType)
 flushCache ()
 galleyExistsByFileId ($articleId, $fileId)
 getAdditionalFieldNames ()
getGalley ($galleyId, $articleId=null, $useCache=false)
getGalleyByBestGalleyId ($galleyId, $articleId)
getGalleyByPubId ($pubIdType, $pubId, $articleId=null)
getGalleyImages ($galleyId)
getGalleysByArticle ($articleId)
getGalleysByJournalId ($journalId)
getGalleysBySetting ($settingName, $settingValue, $articleId=null, $journalId=null)
 getInsertGalleyId ()
 getLocaleFieldNames ()
 getNextGalleySequence ($articleId)
 incrementViews ($galleyId)
 insertGalley (&$galley)
 insertGalleyImage ($galleyId, $fileId)
 pubIdExists ($pubIdType, $pubId, $galleyId, $journalId)
 resequenceGalleys ($articleId)
 updateGalley (&$galley)
 updateLocaleFields (&$galley)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DAO
 concat ()
 convertFromDB ($value, $type)
 convertToDB ($value, &$type)
 DAO ($dataSource=null, $callHooks=true)
 dateFromDB ($d)
 datetimeFromDB ($dt)
 datetimeToDB ($dt)
 dateToDB ($d)
 flushCache ()
 formatDateToDB ($date, $defaultNumWeeks=null, $acceptPastDate=true)
 getAffectedRows ()
 getDataChangedEvent ($elementId=null, $parentElementId=null)
getDataSource ()
 getDirectionMapping ($direction)
 getDriver ()
 getInsertId ($table= '', $id= '', $callHooks=true)
 getType ($value)
 replace ($table, $arrFields, $keyCols)
retrieve ($sql, $params=false, $callHooks=true)
retrieveCached ($sql, $params=false, $secsToCache=3600, $callHooks=true)
retrieveLimit ($sql, $params=false, $numRows=false, $offset=false, $callHooks=true)
retrieveRange ($sql, $params=false, $dbResultRange=null, $callHooks=true)
 setCacheDir ()
 setDataSource (&$dataSource)
 update ($sql, $params=false, $callHooks=true, $dieOnError=true)
 updateDataObjectSettings ($tableName, &$dataObject, $idArray)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ArticleGalleyDAO
- Public Attributes inherited from DAO

Detailed Description

Extended DAO methods for XML-derived galleys NB: These require access to a number of hooks in ArticleGalleyDAO to override the default methods; this is prime for refactoring!

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Member Function Documentation

ArticleXMLGalleyDAO::_getXMLGalleyFromId (   $galleyId,
  $articleId = null 

Internal function to return an ArticleXMLGalley object from an XML galley Id


Definition at line 39 of file

References ArticleGalleyDAO\_returnGalleyFromRow(), PluginRegistry\getPlugin(), and DAO\retrieve().

Referenced by appendXMLGalleys().

ArticleXMLGalleyDAO::appendXMLGalleys (   $hookName,

Append XML-derived galleys (eg. PDF) to the list of galleys for an article

Definition at line 81 of file

References _getXMLGalleyFromId(), Request\getJournal(), PluginRegistry\getPlugin(), and DAO\retrieve().

ArticleXMLGalleyDAO::ArticleXMLGalleyDAO (   $parentPluginName)


Definition at line 28 of file

ArticleXMLGalleyDAO::deleteXMLGalleys (   $hookName,

Delete XML-derived galleys from article_xml_galleys when the XML galley is deleted

Definition at line 197 of file

References DAO\update().

ArticleXMLGalleyDAO::incrementXMLViews (   $hookName,

Increment views on XML-derived galleys

Definition at line 218 of file

References DAO\update().

ArticleXMLGalleyDAO::insertXMLGalleys (   $hookName,

Insert XML-derived galleys into article_xml_galleys

Definition at line 135 of file

References DAO\update().

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