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ArticleXMLGalley Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ArticleXMLGalley:
ArticleHTMLGalley ArticleGalley ArticleFile SubmissionFile PKPFile DataObject

Public Member Functions

_getXSLTCache ($key)
 _xsltCacheMiss (&$cache)
 ArticleXMLGalley ($parentPluginName)
 getHTMLContents ()
 isHTMLGalley ()
 transformXSLT ($xmlFile, $xslFile, $xsltType="", $arguments=null)
 viewFileContents ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArticleHTMLGalley
 ArticleHTMLGalley ()
 getHTMLContents ()
getImageFiles ()
getStyleFile ()
 getStyleFileId ()
 isDependentFile ($fileId)
 isHTMLGalley ()
 setImageFiles (&$images)
 setStyleFile (&$styleFile)
 setStyleFileId ($styleFileId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArticleGalley
 ArticleGalley ()
 getBestGalleyId (&$journal=null)
 getGalleyId ()
 getGalleyLabel ()
 getLabel ()
 getLocale ()
 getRemoteURL ()
 getSequence ()
 getViews ()
 isDependentFile ($fileId)
 isHTMLGalley ()
 isPdfGalley ()
 setGalleyId ($galleyId)
 setLabel ($label)
 setLocale ($locale)
 setRemoteURL ($remoteURL)
 setSequence ($sequence)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArticleFile
 ArticleFile ()
 getArticleId ()
 getFilePath ()
 getStoredPubId ($pubIdType)
 isInlineable ()
 setArticleId ($articleId)
 setStoredPubId ($pubIdType, $pubId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SubmissionFile
 getAssocId ()
 getDateModified ()
 getFileId ()
 getFileIdAndRevision ()
 getFileStage ()
 getRevision ()
 getRound ()
 getSourceFileId ()
 getSourceRevision ()
 getSubmissionId ()
 getType ()
 getViewable ()
 isInlineable ()
 setAssocId ($assocId)
 setDateModified ($dateModified)
 setFileId ($fileId)
 setFileStage ($fileStage)
 setRevision ($revision)
 setRound ($round)
 setSourceFileId ($sourceFileId)
 setSourceRevision ($sourceRevision)
 setSubmissionId ($submissionId)
 setType ($type)
 setViewable ($viewable)
 SubmissionFile ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPFile
 getDateUploaded ()
 getFileId ()
 getFileName ()
 getFilePath ()
 getFileSize ()
 getFileType ()
 getNiceFileSize ()
 getOriginalFileName ()
 PKPFile ()
 setDateUploaded ($dateUploaded)
 setFileId ($fileId)
 setFileName ($fileName)
 setFileSize ($fileSize)
 setFileType ($fileType)
 setOriginalFileName ($originalFileName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DataObject
 addSupportedMetadataAdapter (&$metadataAdapter)
 DataObject ($callHooks=true)
extractMetadata (&$metadataSchema)
 getAdditionalMetadataFieldNames ()
getAllData ()
getData ($key, $locale=null)
 getHasLoadableAdapters ()
 getId ()
 getLocaleMetadataFieldNames ()
getLocalizedData ($key)
 getMetadataFieldNames ($translated=true)
 getSetMetadataFieldNames ($translated=true)
getSupportedExtractionAdapters ()
getSupportedInjectionAdapters ()
getSupportedMetadataSchemas ()
 hasData ($key, $locale=null)
 injectMetadata (&$metadataDescription)
 removeSupportedMetadataAdapter ($metadataSchemaName)
 setAllData (&$data)
 setData ($key, $value, $locale=null)
 setHasLoadableAdapters ($hasLoadableAdapters)
 setId ($id)
upcastTo (&$targetObject)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DataObject
 $_data = array()

Detailed Description

Article XML galley model object.

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Member Function Documentation

& ArticleXMLGalley::_getXSLTCache (   $key)

Get results of XSLT transform from file cache

cache object

Definition at line 51 of file

References ArticleFile\getFilePath().

Referenced by getHTMLContents(), and viewFileContents().

ArticleXMLGalley::_xsltCacheMiss ( $cache)

Re-run the XSLT transformation on a stale (or missing) cache


Definition at line 79 of file

References ArticleFile\getFilePath(), Request\getJournal(), PluginRegistry\getPlugin(), ArticleGalley\isPdfGalley(), and transformXSLT().

ArticleXMLGalley::ArticleXMLGalley (   $parentPluginName)


Definition at line 26 of file

ArticleXMLGalley::getHTMLContents ( )

Return string containing an XHTML fragment generated from the XML/XSL source This function performs any necessary filtering, like image URL replacement.

$baseImageUrlstring base URL for image references

Definition at line 124 of file

References _getXSLTCache(), ArticleFile\getArticleId(), ArticleGalley\getBestGalleyId(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), PKPFile\getFileName(), DataObject\getId(), ArticleHTMLGalley\getImageFiles(), Request\getJournal(), PluginRegistry\getPlugin(), String\regexp_replace_callback(), Request\url(), and String\utf2html().

ArticleXMLGalley::isHTMLGalley ( )

Check if galley is an HTML galley.


Definition at line 35 of file

References PKPFile\getFileType().

ArticleXMLGalley::transformXSLT (   $xmlFile,
  $xsltType = "",
  $arguments = null 

Return string containing the transformed XML output. This function applies an XSLT transform to a given XML source.

$xmlFilepathname to the XML source file (absolute)
$xslFilepathname to the XSL stylesheet (absolute)
(optional)$xsltType type of XSLT renderer to use (PHP4, PHP5, or XSLT shell command)
(optional)$arguments array of param-value pairs to pass to the XSLT

Definition at line 285 of file

Referenced by _xsltCacheMiss().

ArticleXMLGalley::viewFileContents ( )

Output PDF generated from the XML/XSL/FO source to browser This function performs any necessary filtering, like image URL replacement.


Definition at line 191 of file

References _getXSLTCache(), ArticleFile\getArticleId(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), PKPFile\getFileName(), ArticleFile\getFilePath(), PKPFile\getFileType(), DataObject\getId(), ArticleHTMLGalley\getImageFiles(), Request\getJournal(), PluginRegistry\getPlugin(), and Request\url().

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