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AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin:
GatewayPlugin Plugin PKPPlugin

Public Member Functions

 AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin ($parentPluginName)
 fetch ($args)
getAnnouncementFeedPlugin ()
 getEnabled ()
 getHideManagement ()
 getManagementVerbs ()
 getName ()
 getPluginPath ()
 getTemplatePath ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GatewayPlugin
 fetch ($args, $request)
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getEnabled ()
 getManagementVerbs ()
 getName ()
 manage ($verb, $args)
 setEnabled ($enabled)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Plugin
 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getNewJournalPluginSettingsFile ()
 getSetting ($journalId, $name)
 Plugin ()
 updateSetting ($journalId, $name, $value, $type=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPPlugin
 _getContextSpecificInstallationHook ()
 addHelpData ($locale=null)
 addLocaleData ($locale=null)
 getCategory ()
 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name)
 getCurrentVersion ()
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getHelpMappingFilename ()
 getHideManagement ()
 getInstallDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplateDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplatesFile ()
 getInstallFilterConfigFiles ()
 getInstallSchemaFile ()
 getInstallSitePluginSettingsFile ()
 getLocaleFilename ($locale)
 getManagementVerbs ()
 getName ()
 getPluginPath ()
 getSeq ()
 getSettingMainContext ()
 getTemplatePath ()
 import ($class)
 installContextSpecificSettings ($hookName, $args)
 installData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplateData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplates ($hookName, $args)
 installFilters ($hookName, $args)
 installLocale ($hookName, $args)
 installSiteSettings ($hookName, $args)
 isSitePlugin ()
 manage ($verb, $args, &$message, &$messageParams, $request=null)
 PKPPlugin ()
 register ($category, $path)
 smartyPluginUrl ($params, &$smarty)
 updateContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name, $value, $type=null)
 updateSchema ($hookName, $args)

Detailed Description

Gateway component of announcement feed plugin.

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Member Function Documentation

AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin::AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin (   $parentPluginName)


Definition at line 25 of file

AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin::fetch (   $args)
& AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin::getAnnouncementFeedPlugin ( )

Get the web feed plugin


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References PluginRegistry\getPlugin().

Referenced by fetch(), getEnabled(), getPluginPath(), and getTemplatePath().

AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin::getEnabled ( )

Get whether or not this plugin is enabled. (Should always return true, as the parent plugin will take care of loading this one when needed)


Definition at line 84 of file

References getAnnouncementFeedPlugin().

AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin::getHideManagement ( )

Hide this plugin from the management interface (it's subsidiary)

Definition at line 41 of file

AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin::getManagementVerbs ( )

Get the management verbs for this plugin (override to none so that the parent plugin can handle this)


Definition at line 94 of file

AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin::getName ( )

Get the name of this plugin. The name must be unique within its category.

String name of plugin

Definition at line 34 of file

AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin::getPluginPath ( )

Override the builtin to get the correct plugin path.

Definition at line 65 of file

References getAnnouncementFeedPlugin().

AnnouncementFeedGatewayPlugin::getTemplatePath ( )

Override the builtin to get the correct template path.


Definition at line 74 of file

References getAnnouncementFeedPlugin().

Referenced by fetch().

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