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Action Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Action:
PKPAction AuthorAction CopyeditorAction LayoutEditorAction ProofreaderAction ReviewerAction SectionEditorAction EditorAction

Public Member Functions

 Action ()
 deleteComment ($commentId, $user=null)
 downloadFile ($articleId, $fileId, $revision=null)
 editComment ($article, $comment)
 instructions ($type, $allowed=array('copy', 'layout', 'proof', 'referenceLinking'))
 saveComment ($article, &$comment, $emailComment, $request)
 saveMetadata ($article, &$request)
 viewFile ($articleId, $fileId, $revision=null)
 viewMetadata ($article, $journal)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPAction
 editCitations (&$request, &$submission)
 PKPAction ()

Detailed Description

Application-specific submission actions.

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Member Function Documentation

Action::Action ( )


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Action::deleteComment (   $commentId,
  $user = null 

Delete comment.

$userobject The user who owns the comment, or null to default to Request::getUser

Definition at line 296 of file

References HookRegistry\call(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), and PKPRequest\getUser().

Referenced by SubmissionCommentsHandler\deleteComment().

Action::downloadFile (   $articleId,
  $revision = null 
Action::editComment (   $article,

Edit comment.


Definition at line 246 of file

References HookRegistry\call().

Referenced by SubmissionCommentsHandler\editComment().

Action::instructions (   $type,
  $allowed = array('copy', 'layout', 'proof', 'referenceLinking') 

Display submission management instructions.

$typestring the type of instructions (copy, layout, or proof).

Definition at line 202 of file

References HookRegistry\call(), Request\getJournal(), and AppLocale\requireComponents().

Referenced by ProofreaderHandler\instructions(), CopyeditorHandler\instructions(), AuthorHandler\instructions(), SectionEditorHandler\instructions(), and LayoutEditorHandler\instructions().

Action::saveComment (   $article,

Save comment.


Definition at line 260 of file

References HookRegistry\call().

Referenced by SubmissionCommentsHandler\saveComment().

Action::saveMetadata (   $article,

Save metadata.


Definition at line 77 of file

References HookRegistry\call(), and ArticleLog\logEvent().

Referenced by SubmissionCopyeditHandler\saveMetadata(), TrackSubmissionHandler\saveMetadata(), and SubmissionEditHandler\saveMetadata().

Action::viewFile (   $articleId,
  $revision = null 
Action::viewMetadata (   $article,

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