Open Journal Systems  2.4.8
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNi18nProvides methods for loading localized country name data
oCAbntCitationOutputPluginABNT citation style plug-in
oCAbntCitationPluginABNT citation format plugin
oCAbntSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify ABNT Citation plugin settings
oCAboutHandlerHandle requests for editor functions
oCAccessKeyAccessKey class
oCAccessKeyDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying AccessKey objects
oCAccessKeyManagerClass defining operations for AccessKey management
oCAcronPluginRemoves dependency on 'cron' for scheduled tasks, including possible tasks defined by plugins. See the AcronPlugin::parseCrontab hook implementation
oCActionApplication-specific submission actions
oCAdminCategoriesHandlerHandle requests for changing admin's category list
oCAdminFunctionsHandlerHandle requests for site administrative/maintenance functions
oCAdminHandlerHandle requests for site administration functions
oCAdminJournalHandlerHandle requests for journal management in site administration
oCAdminLanguagesHandlerHandle requests for changing site language settings
oCAdminPeopleHandlerHandle requests for people management functions
oCAdminSettingsHandlerHandle requests for changing site admin settings
oCAjaxActionClass defining an AJAX action
oCAjaxLegacyPluginModalAn ajax modal to be used in plugins management. This is part of a temporary solution, while we don't modernize the UI of the plugins. The functionalities implemented here are not necessary anywhere else. DON'T USE this handler if you are not showing legacy plugins management content. FIXME After modernizing the UI of the plugins, remove this class
oCAjaxModalA modal that retrieves its content from via AJAX
oCAnnouncementBasic class describing a announcement
oCAnnouncementDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Announcement objects
oCAnnouncementFeedBlockPluginClass for block component of announcement feed plugin
oCAnnouncementFeedGatewayPluginGateway component of announcement feed plugin
oCAnnouncementFeedPluginAnnoucement Feed plugin class
oCAnnouncementFormForm for journal managers to create/edit announcements
oCAnnouncementHandlerHandle requests for announcement management functions
oCAnnouncementTypeBasic class describing an announcement type
oCAnnouncementTypeDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying AnnouncementType objects
oCAnnouncementTypeFormForm for journal managers to create/edit announcement types
oCApaCitationOutputPluginAPA citation style plug-in
oCApaCitationPluginAPA citation format plugin
oCAPCCacheProvides caching based on APC's variable store
oCApplicationClass describing this application
oCAppLocaleProvides methods for loading locale data and translating strings identified by unique keys
oCAR1Article Report 1
oCArrayGridCellProviderBase class for a cell provider that can retrieve labels from arrays
oCArrayItemIteratorProvides paging and iteration for arrays
oCArticleArticle class
oCArticleCommentClass for ArticleComment
oCArticleCommentDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ArticleComment objects
oCArticleDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Article objects
oCArticleEmailLogDAOExtension to EmailLogDAO for article-specific log entries
oCArticleEmailLogEntryExtension to EmailLogEntry for article-specific log entries
oCArticleEventLogDAOExtension to EventLogDAO for article-specific log entries
oCArticleEventLogEntryExtension to EventLogEntry for article-specific log entries
oCArticleFileArticle file class
oCArticleFileDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ArticleFile objects
oCArticleFileManagerClass defining operations for article file management
oCArticleGalleyA galley is a final presentation version of the full-text of an article
oCArticleGalleyDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ArticleGalley/ArticleHTMLGalley objects
oCArticleGalleyFormArticle galley editing form
oCArticleHandlerHandle requests for article functions
oCArticleHTMLGalleyAn HTML galley may include an optional stylesheet and set of images
oCArticleLogStatic class for adding / accessing article log entries
oCArticleMailTemplateSubclass of MailTemplate for sending emails related to articles
oCArticleNoteClass for ArticleNote
oCArticleNoteDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ArticleNote objects
oCArticleReportDAOArticle report DAO
oCArticleReportPluginArticle report plugin
oCArticleSearchClass for retrieving article search results
oCArticleSearchDAODAO class for article search index
oCArticleSearchIndexClass to maintain the article search index
oCArticleSearchIndexTestTest class for the ArticleSearchIndex class
oCArticleSearchTestTest class for the ArticleSearch class
oCArticleTombstoneManagerClass defining basic operations for article tombstones
oCArticleXMLGalleyArticle XML galley model object
oCArticleXMLGalleyDAOExtended DAO methods for XML-derived galleys NB: These require access to a number of hooks in ArticleGalleyDAO to override the default methods; this is prime for refactoring!
oCAuthorArticle author metadata class
oCAuthorActionAuthorAction class
oCAuthorBiosBlockPluginClass for author bios block plugin
oCAuthorDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Author objects
oCAuthorDepositFormForm to perform an author's SWORD deposit(s)
oCAuthorHandlerHandle requests for journal author functions
oCAuthorizationDecisionManagerA class that can take a list of authorization policies, apply them to the current authorization request context and return an authorization decision
oCAuthorizationDecisionManagerTestTest class for the AuthorizationDecisionManager class
oCAuthorizationPolicyClass to represent an authorization policy
oCAuthorizationPolicyTestTest class for AuthorizationPolicy
oCAuthorSubmissionAuthorSubmission class
oCAuthorSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying AuthorSubmission objects
oCAuthorSubmitFormBase class for journal author submit forms
oCAuthorSubmitStep1FormForm for Step 1 of author article submission
oCAuthorSubmitStep2FormForm for Step 2 of author article submission
oCAuthorSubmitStep3FormForm for Step 3 of author article submission
oCAuthorSubmitStep4FormForm for Step 4 of author article submission
oCAuthorSubmitStep5FormForm for Step 5 of author article submission
oCAuthorSubmitSuppFileFormSupplementary file author submission form
oCAuthPluginAbstract class for authentication plugins
oCAuthSourceDescribes an authentication source
oCAuthSourceDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying AuthSource objects
oCAuthSourceSettingsFormForm for editing authentication source settings
oCAuthSourcesHandlerHandle requests for authentication source management in site administration
oCBackupPluginPlugin to allow generation of a backup extract
oCBaseEmailTemplateDescribes basic email template properties
oCBibtexCitationPluginBibTeX citation format plugin
oCBlockPluginAbstract class for block plugins
oCBlueSteelThemePlugin"BlueSteel" theme plugin
oCBookForReviewBasic class describing a book for review
oCBookForReviewAuthorBook for review author metadata class
oCBookForReviewAuthorDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying BookForReviewAuthor objects
oCBookForReviewDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying BookForReview objects
oCBookForReviewFormForm for journal managers to create/edit books for review
oCBookForReviewPluginBooks for review plugin class
oCBooksForReviewAuthorHandlerHandle requests for author book for review functions
oCBooksForReviewEditorHandlerHandle requests for editor books for review functions
oCBooksForReviewHandlerHandle requests for public book for review functions
oCBooksForReviewReminderClass to perform automated reminders for book reviewers
oCBooksForReviewSettingsFormForm for editors to modify books for review plugin settings
oCBooleanFilterSettingClass that describes a configurable filter setting which must be either true or false
oCBrowseHandlerHandle requests for additional browse functions
oCBrowsePluginBrowse by additional objects plugin class
oCbuildCssCLI tool for processing CSS into a single compiled file using Less for PHP
oCBvemerSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCCachedPluginAbstract class for plugins that optionally support lazy load
oCCaptchaClass for Captcha verifiers
oCCaptchaDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Captcha keys
oCCaptchaManagerClass providing captcha services
oCCategoryDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Category objects
oCCategoryFormForm for site admins to create/edit categories
oCCategoryGridDataProviderProvide access to category grid data. Can optionally use a grid data provider object that already provides access to data that the grid needs
oCCategoryGridHandlerClass defining basic operations for handling HTML grids with categories
oCCbeCitationPluginCBE citation format plugin
oCCcorinoSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCChangePasswordFormForm to change a user's password
oCCitationClass representing a citation (bibliographic reference)
oCCitationApiHandlerClass defining the headless API for backend citation manipulation
oCCitationDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Citation objects
oCCitationDAOTestTest class for CitationDAO
oCCitationFormForm for adding/editing a citation
oCCitationGridHandlerHandle OJS specific parts of citation grid requests
oCCitationListTokenizerFilterClass that takes an unformatted list of citations and returns an array of raw citation strings
oCCitationListTokenizerFilterTestTest class for CitationListTokenizerFilter
oCCitationParserServiceTestTests for the DateStringNormalizerFilter class
oCCitationPluginAbstract class for citation plugins
oCCkwantesSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCClassicBlueThemePlugin"ClassicBlue" theme plugin
oCClassicBrownThemePlugin"ClassicBrown" theme plugin
oCClassicGreenThemePlugin"ClassicGreen" theme plugin
oCClassicNavyThemePlugin"ClassicNavy" theme plugin
oCClassicRedThemePlugin"ClassicRed" theme plugin
oCClassTypeDescriptionA type description that validates objects by class type
oCClassTypeDescriptionTestTest class for ClassTypeDescription
oCCmontgomerieSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCCodelistItemBasic class describing a codelist item
oCCodelistItemDAOParent class for operations involving Codelist objects
oCCoinsPluginCOinS plugin class
oCColumnBasedGridCellProviderA cell provider that relies on the column implementation to provide cell content. Use this cell provider if you have complex column-specific content. If you want to provide simple labels then use the ArrayGridCellProvider or DataObjectGridCellProvider
oCCommandLineToolInitialization code for command-line scripts
oCCommentClass for public Comment associated with submission
oCCommentDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Comment objects
oCCommentFormForm to change metadata information for an RT comment
oCCommentHandlerHandle requests for user comments
oCCompositeFilterAn abstract base class for generic filters that compose other filters into filter networks
oCConfigConfig class for accessing configuration parameters
oCConfigParserClass for parsing and modifying php.ini style configuration files
oCConfigTestTests for the Config class
oCConfirmationModalClass defining a simple confirmation modal either with remote action or not
oCContentBaseTestCaseData build suite: Base class for content creation tests
oCContextFormForm to change metadata information for an RT context
oCContextRequiredPolicyPolicy to deny access if a context cannot be found in the request
oCControlledVocabBasic class describing an controlled vocab
oCControlledVocabDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ControlledVocab objects
oCControlledVocabEntryBasic class describing a controlled vocab
oCControlledVocabEntryDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ControlledVocabEntry objects
oCCopyAccessLogFileToolCLI tool to copy apache log files while filtering entries related only to the current instalation
oCCopyeditCommentFormCopyeditComment form
oCCopyeditorActionCopyeditorAction class
oCCopyeditorHandlerHandle requests for copyeditor functions
oCCopyeditorSubmissionCopyeditorSubmission class
oCCopyeditorSubmissionAssignmentPolicyClass to control access of copyeditors to submissions
oCCopyeditorSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying CopyeditorSubmission objects
oCCopyeditorSubmissionRequiredPolicyPolicy that ensures that the request contains a valid copyeditor submission
oCCoreClass containing system-wide functions
oCCoreTestTests for the Core class
oCCounterReportA COUNTER report, base class
oCCounterReportJR1Journal Report 1
oCCounterReportPluginCounter report plugin
oCCreateJournalTestData build suite: Create and configure a test journal
oCCreateReviewerFormForm for section editors to create reviewers
oCCreateUsersTestData build suite: Create test users
oCCrossrefCitationLookupPluginCrossRef citation database connector plug-in
oCCrossRefExportDomCrossRef XML export format implementation
oCCrossRefExportPluginCrossRef export/registration plugin
oCCrossrefInfoSenderScheduled task to send article information to the ALM server
oCCrossrefNlm30CitationSchemaFilterFilter that uses the Crossref web service to identify a DOI and corresponding meta-data for a given NLM citation
oCCrossrefNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestTests for the CrossrefNlm30CitationSchemaFilter class
oCCrossRefSettingsFormForm for journal managers to setup the CrossRef plug-in
oCCrosswalkFilterClass that provides methods to convert one type of meta-data description into another. This is an abstract class that must be sub-classed by specific cross-walk implementations
oCCurrencyBasic class describing a currency
oCCurrencyDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Currency objects
oCCustomLocaleActionPerform various tasks related to customization of locale strings
oCCustomLocaleHandlerThis handles requests for the customLocale plugin
oCCustomLocalePluginThis plugin enables customization of locale strings
oCCustomThemePlugin"Custom" theme plugin
oCCustomThemeSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify custom theme plugin settings
oCDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying objects from a database
oCDAORegistryMaintains a static list of DAO objects so each DAO is instantiated only once
oCDAOResultFactoryWrapper around ADORecordSet providing "factory" features for generating objects from DAOs
oCDatabaseTestCaseBase class for unit tests that require database support. The schema TestName.setUp.xml will be installed before each individual test case (if present). The schema TestName.tearDown.xml may be used to clean up after each test case
oCDataciteExportDomDataCite XML export format implementation
oCDataciteExportPluginDataCite export/registration plugin
oCDataciteInfoSenderScheduled task to register DOIs to the DataCite server
oCDataciteSettingsFormForm for journal managers to setup the DataCite plug-in
oCDataObjectAny class with an associated DAO should extend this class
oCDataObjectGridCellProviderBase class for a cell provider that can retrieve simple labels from DataObjects. If you need more complex cell content then you may be better off using a ColumnBasedGridCellProvider
oCDataObjectRequiredPolicyAbstract base class for policies that check for a data object from a parameter
oCDataObjectTestTests for the DataObject class
oCDataObjectTombstoneBase class for data object tombstones
oCDataObjectTombstoneDAOBase class for retrieving and modifying DataObjectTombstone objects
oCDataObjectTombstoneSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying submission tombstone settings
oCDataverseAuthFormPlugin settings: connect to a Dataverse Network
oCDataverseFileDataverseFile object associates suppfile with a Dataverse study
oCDataverseFileDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying DataverseFile objects
oCDataverseHandlerHandle Dataverse page requests
oCDataversePackagerPackages article metadata and suppfiles for deposit in Dataverse
oCDataversePluginDataverse plugin class
oCDataverseSelectFormPlugin settings: select Dataverse to hold studies created from journal submissions
oCDataverseStudyBasic class describing a Dataverse study
oCDataverseStudyDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying DataverseStudy objects
oCDateStringNormalizerFilterFilter that normalizes a date string to YYYY[-MM[-DD]]
oCDBConnectionClass for accessing the low-level database connection. Currently integrated with ADOdb (from
oCDBConnectionTestTests for the DBConnectionTest class
oCDBDataXMLParserClass to import and export database data from an XML format. See dbscripts/xml/dtd/xmldata.dtd for the XML schema used
oCDBResultRangeContainer class for range information when retrieving a result set
oCDBRowIteratorWrapper around ADORecordSet providing "factory" features for generating objects from DAOs
oCdbXMLtoSQLCLI tool to output the SQL statements corresponding to an XML database schema
oCDc11MetadataPluginDublic Core version 1.1 metadata plugin
oCDc11MetadataPluginTestTest class for Dc11MetadataPlugin
oCDc11SchemaOJS-specific implementation of the Dc11Schema
oCDc11SchemaArticleAdapterAbstract base class for meta-data adapters that injects/extracts Dublin Core schema compliant meta-data into/from an PublishedArticle object
oCDdioufSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCdeleteSubmissionsCLI tool to delete submissions
oCDepositContainer for deposit objects that are submitted to a PLN
oCDepositDAOOperations for adding a PLN deposit
oCDepositObjectBasic class describing a deposit stored in the PLN
oCDepositObjectDAOOperations for adding a PLN deposit object
oCDepositPackageHandle PLN requests
oCDepositPointFormForm for journal managers to modify SWORD deposit points
oCDesertThemePlugin"Desert" theme plugin
oCDevelopedByBlockPluginClass for "developed by" block plugin
oCDispatcherClass dispatching HTTP requests to handlers
oCDispatcherTestTests for the Dispatcher class
oCDOAJExportDomDOAJ import/export plugin DOM functions for export
oCDOAJPluginDOAJ import/export plugin
oCDOIExportDomOnix for DOI (O4DOI) XML export format implementation
oCDOIExportPluginBase class for DOI export/registration plugins
oCDOIExportSettingsFormForm base class for journal managers to setup DOI export plug-ins
oCDOIPubIdPluginDOI plugin class
oCDOISettingsFormForm for journal managers to setup DOI plugin
oCDonationBlockPluginClass for user block plugin
oCDonationsHandlerDisplay a form for accepting donations
oCDphillipsSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCDRIVERPluginDRIVER plugin class
oCDsokoloffSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCDuraCloudComponentDuraCloud API client implementation base class
oCDuraCloudConnectionDuraCloud Connection class
oCDuraCloudContentDuraCloud API content
oCDuraCloudContentDescriptorDuraCloud API content descriptor
oCDuraCloudFileContentDuraCloud API content model for files
oCDuraCloudImportExportPluginDuraCloud import/export plugin
oCDuraCloudLoginFormForm to allow login to an external DuraCloud service
oCDuraCloudPHPDuraCloud PHP library main
oCDuraCloudStreamContentDuraCloud API content model for streams
oCDuraCloudXMLParserDuraCloud PHP client XML helper class
oCDuraStoreDuraStore client implementation
oCEditableEmailFileThis class supports updating for email XML files
oCEditableFileHack-and-slash class to help with editing XML files without losing formatting and comments (i.e. unparsed editing)
oCEditableLocaleFileThis extension of supports updating
oCEditAssignmentDescribes edit assignment properties
oCEditAssignmentDAOClass for DAO relating editors to articles
oCEditCommentFormEdit comment form
oCEditorActionEditorAction class
oCEditorDecisionCommentFormEditorDecisionComment form
oCEditorHandlerHandle requests for editor functions
oCEditorSubmissionEditorSubmission class
oCEditorSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying EditorSubmission objects
oCEmailFilterSettingClass that describes a configurable filter setting which must be an email
oCEmailHandlerHandle requests for email management functions
oCEmailLogDAOClass for inserting/accessing email log entries
oCEmailLogEntryDescribes an entry in the email log
oCEmailTemplateDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Email Template objects
oCEmailTemplateFormForm for creating and modifying email templates
oCEmbeddedServerImplements a PHP interface to administer the embedded solr server
oCEmbeddedServerTestTest class for the EmbeddedServer class
oCEndNoteCitationPluginEndNote citation format plugin
oCEostromSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCEruditExportDomErudit plugin DOM functions for export
oCEruditExportPluginErudit english DTD article export plugin
oCEventLogDAOClass for inserting/accessing event log entries
oCEventLogEntryDescribes an entry in the event log
oCExternalFeedBasic class describing an external feed
oCExternalFeedBlockPluginClass for block component of external feed plugin
oCExternalFeedDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ExternalFeed objects
oCExternalFeedFormForm for journal managers to mody external feed plugin settings
oCExternalFeedPluginExternalFeed plugin class
oCExternalFeedSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify External Feed plugin settings
oCFbvClass defining Form Builder Vocabulary methods
oCFileArchiveClass provides functionality for creating an archive of files
oCFileCacheProvides caching based on machine-generated PHP code on the filesystem
oCFileLoaderBase scheduled task class to reliably handle files processing
oCFileManagerClass defining basic operations for file management
oCFilesHandlerHandle requests for files browser functions
oCFileWrapperClass abstracting operations for reading remote files using various protocols. (for when allow_url_fopen is disabled)
oCFilterClass that provides the basic template for a filter. Filters are generic data processors that take in a well-specified data type and return another well-specified data type
oCFilterDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Filter objects
oCFilterDAOTestTest class for FilterDAO
oCFilterFormForm for adding/editing a filter. New filter instances are based on filter templates
oCFilterGridCellProviderBase class for a cell provider that can retrieve labels from DataObjects
oCFilterGridHandlerHandle OJS specific parts of filter grid requests
oCFilterGroupClass that represents filter groups
oCFilterGroupDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying FilterGroup objects
oCFilterGroupDAOTestTest class for FilterGroupDAO
oCFilterHelperClass that provides filter-related helper methods
oCFilterHelperTestTest class for FilterHelper
oCFilterSettingClass that describes a configurable filter setting
oCFilterTestTest class for Filter
oCFontSizeBlockPluginClass for font size block plugin
oCFormClass defining basic operations for handling HTML forms
oCFormErrorClass to represent a form validation error
oCFormValidatorClass to represent a form validation check
oCFormValidatorAlphaNumForm validation check for alphanumeric (plus interior dash/underscore) characters only
oCFormValidatorAlphaNumTestTest class for FormValidatorAlphaNum
oCFormValidatorArrayForm validation check that checks an array of fields
oCFormValidatorArrayCustomForm validation check with a custom user function performing the validation check of an array of fields
oCFormValidatorArrayCustomTestTest class for FormValidatorArrayCustom
oCFormValidatorArrayTestTest class for FormValidatorArray
oCFormValidatorBooleanForm validation check that checks if the value can be interpreted as a boolean value. An empty field is considered 'false', a value of '1' is considered 'true'
oCFormValidatorCaptchaForm validation check captcha values
oCFormValidatorCaptchaTestTest class for FormValidatorCaptcha
oCFormValidatorControlledVocabForm validation check that checks if value is within a certain set
oCFormValidatorControlledVocabTestTest class for FormValidatorControlledVocab
oCFormValidatorCustomForm validation check with a custom user function performing the validation check
oCFormValidatorCustomTestTest class for FormValidatorCustom
oCFormValidatorDateForm validation check that field is a date or date part
oCFormValidatorEmailForm validation check for email addresses
oCFormValidatorEmailTestTest class for FormValidatorEmail
oCFormValidatorInSetForm validation check that checks if value is within a certain set
oCFormValidatorInSetTestTest class for FormValidatorInSet
oCFormValidatorISSNForm validation check for ISSNs
oCFormValidatorLengthForm validation check that checks if a field's length meets certain requirements
oCFormValidatorLengthTestTest class for FormValidatorLength
oCFormValidatorListbuilderForm validation check that checks if the JSON value submitted unpacks into something that contains at least one valid user id
oCFormValidatorLocaleClass to represent a form validation check for localized fields
oCFormValidatorLocaleEmailForm validation check for email addresses
oCFormValidatorLocaleEmailTestTest class for FormValidatorLocaleEmail
oCFormValidatorLocaleTestTest class for FormValidatorLocale
oCFormValidatorLocaleUrlForm validation check for URL addresses
oCFormValidatorORCIDForm validation check for ORCID iDs
oCFormValidatorPostForm validation check to make sure the form is POSTed
oCFormValidatorPostTestTest class for FormValidatorPost
oCFormValidatorReCaptchaForm validation check reCaptcha values
oCFormValidatorRegExpForm validation check using a regular expression
oCFormValidatorRegExpTestTest class for FormValidatorRegExp
oCFormValidatorTestTest class for FormValidator
oCFormValidatorUriForm validation check for URIs
oCFormValidatorUriTestTest class for FormValidatorUri
oCFormValidatorUrlForm validation check for URLs
oCFormValidatorUrlTestTest class for FormValidatorUrl
oCFpaglieriSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCFreeciteCitationParserPluginFreeCite citation extraction connector plug-in
oCFreeciteRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilterParsing filter implementation that uses the Freecite web service
oCFreeciteRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestTests for the FreeciteRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilter class
oCFunctionalCrossrefExportTestTest CrossRef export
oCFunctionalDataciteExportTestTest the DataCite plug-in
oCFunctionalDoiExportTestBase class to test DOI export plug-ins
oCFunctionalDOIPubIdPluginTestTest DOI PubId plug-in
oCFunctionalEditingTestIntegration/Functional test for the OJS editing process
oCFunctionalImportExportBaseTestCaseBase class to test document export
oCFunctionalLucenePluginAutocompletionTestIntegration/Functional test for the auto-completion feature of the lucene plug-in
oCFunctionalLucenePluginBaseTestCaseIntegration/Functional test for the OJS editing process (base class with common functionality)
oCFunctionalLucenePluginConfigTestIntegration/Functional test for the lucene plug-in and its dependencies (configuration features)
oCFunctionalLucenePluginCustomRankingTestIntegration/Functional test for the custom ranking feature of the lucene plug-in
oCFunctionalLucenePluginFacetingTestIntegration/Functional test for the "faceting" feature of the lucene plug-in
oCFunctionalLucenePluginHighlightingTestIntegration/Functional test for the "highlighting" feature of the lucene plug-in
oCFunctionalLucenePluginRankingTestIntegration/Functional test for the lucene plug-in and its dependencies (result set pagination, ordering and ranking)
oCFunctionalLucenePluginSearchTestIntegration/Functional test for the lucene plug-in and its dependencies
oCFunctionalLucenePluginSimDocTestIntegration/Functional test for the "similar documents" feature of the lucene plug-in
oCFunctionalLucenePluginSpellingTestIntegration/Functional test for the "alternative spellings" feature of the lucene plug-in
oCFunctionalMedraExportTestTest the mEDRA plug-in
oCFunctionalNativeExportTestTest native OJS export
oCFunctionalNativeImportTestTest native OJS import
oCFunctionalOaiBaseTestCaseBase test class for OAI functional tests
oCFunctionalOaiDcTestTest DC OAI output
oCFunctionalOaiNlmTestTest NLM OAI output
oCFunctionalPubIdsImportExportTestTest the pubIds import/exoprt plugin
oCFunctionalPubmedExportTestTest PubMed export
oCFunctionalSwordDepositTestIntegration/Functional test for the SWORD plug-in and its dependencies
oCFunctionalUrnPubIdPluginTestTest URN plug-in
oCGatewayHandlerHandle external gateway requests
oCGatewayPluginAbstract class for gateway plugins
oCGenericCacheProvides implementation-independent caching. Although this class is intended to be overridden with a more specific implementation, it can be used as the null cache
oCGenericMultiplexerFilterA generic filter that is configured with a number of equal type filters. It takes the input argument, applies all given filters to it and returns an array of outputs as a result
oCGenericPluginAbstract class for generic plugins
oCGenericSequencerFilterA generic filter that is configured with a number of ordered filters. It takes the input argument of the first filter, passes its output to the next filter and so on and finally returns the result of the last filter in the chain to the caller
oCgenTestLocaleCLI tool to generate a test locale file by munging the message strings of a real locale file
oCGeoLocationToolGeo location by ip wrapper class
oCGiftClass for an OJS Gift
oCGiftDAOOJS extension of PKPGiftDAO
oCGiftIndividualSubscriptionFormForm class for purchase of individual subscription gift
oCGiftsHandlerHandle requests to buy gifts
oCGoogleAnalyticsPluginGoogle Analytics plugin class
oCGoogleAnalyticsSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify Google Analytics plugin settings
oCGoogleViewerPluginThis plugin enables embedding of the google document viewer for PDF display
oCGridBodyElementBase class for grid body elements
oCGridCategoryAccordionFeatureTransform default grid categories in accordions
oCGridCategoryRowClass defining basic operations for handling the category row in a grid
oCGridCategoryRowCellProviderDefault grid category row column's cell provider. This class will retrieve the template variables from the category row instance
oCGridCellProviderBase class for a grid column's cell provider
oCGridColumnRepresents a column within a grid. It is used to configure the way cells within a column are displayed (cell provider) and can also be used to configure a editing strategy (not yet implemented). Contains all column- specific configuration (e.g. column title)
oCGridDataProviderProvide access to grid data
oCGridFeatureBase grid feature class. A feature is a type of plugin specific to the grid widgets. It provides several hooks to allow injection of additional grid functionality. This class implements template methods to be extendeded by subclasses
oCGridHandlerClass defining basic operations for handling HTML grids
oCGridRowClass defining basic operations for handling HTML gridRows
oCGroupDescribes user groups
oCGroupDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Group objects
oCGroupFormForm for journal managers to create/edit groups
oCGroupHandlerHandle requests for editorial team management functions
oCGroupMembershipDescribes memberships for editorial board positions
oCGroupMembershipDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying group membership info
oCHandlerBase request handler application class
oCHandlerOperationPolicyAbstract base class that provides infrastructure to control access to handler operations
oCHandlerValidatorClass to represent a page validation check
oCHandlerValidatorJournalClass to validate if a Journal is present
oCHandlerValidatorRolesTestTest class for HandlerValidatorRoles
oCHandlerValidatorSubmissionCommentClass to validate that a comment exists (by id) and that the current user has access
oCHashingClass providing password hashing operations
oCHelpProvides methods for translating help topic keys to their respected topic help ids
oCHelpBlockPluginClass for help block plugin
oCHelpHandlerHandle requests for viewing help pages
oCHelpMappingFileAbstracts a Help mapping XML file
oCHelpTocHelp table of contents class. A HelpToc object is associated with zero or more HelpTopic objects
oCHelpTocDAOOperations for retrieving HelpToc objects
oCHelpTopicA HelpTopic object is associated with a single HelpToc object and zero or more HelpTopicSection objects
oCHelpTopicDAOOperations for retrieving HelpTopic objects
oCHelpTopicSectionHelp section class, designated a subsection of a topic. A HelpTopicSection is associated with a single HelpTopic
oCHookRegistryClass for linking core functionality with plugins
oCHTTPSFileWrapperClass abstracting operations for reading remote files using various protocols. (for when allow_url_fopen is disabled)
oCHttpsPolicyClass to control access to handler operations based on protocol
oCImplicitAuthPluginAbstract class for implicit authentication plugins
oCimportExportCLI tool to perform import/export tasks
oCImportExportHandlerHandle requests for import/export functions
oCImportExportPluginAbstract class for import/export plugins
oCIndexHandlerHandle site index requests
oCIndividualSubscriptionBasic class describing an individual (non-institutional) subscription
oCIndividualSubscriptionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying IndividualSubscription objects
oCIndividualSubscriptionFormForm class for individual subscription create/edits
oCInformationBlockPluginClass for information block plugin
oCInformationHandlerDisplay journal information
oCInstallPerform system installation
oCInstallationTestData build suite: Install the system
oCInstallerBase class for install and upgrade scripts
oCInstallFormForm for system installation
oCinstallToolCLI tool for installing a PKP app
oCInstitutionalSubscriptionBasic class describing an institutional subscription
oCInstitutionalSubscriptionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying InstitutionalSubscription objects
oCInstitutionalSubscriptionFormForm class for institutional subscription create/edits
oCInterestBasic class describing a reviewer interest
oCInterestDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying a user's review interests
oCInterestManagerHandle user interest functions
oCInterestsEntryDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying a user's review interests
oCIsbndbCitationLookupPluginISBNdb citation database connector plug-in
oCIsbndbIsbnNlm30CitationSchemaFilterFilter that uses the ISBNdb web service to look up an ISBN and create a NLM citation description from the result
oCIsbndbIsbnNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestTests for IsbndbNlm30CitationSchemaIsbnFilter
oCIsbndbNlm30CitationSchemaFilterAbstract filter that wraps the ISBNdb web service
oCIsbndbNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestBasic configuration for Isbndb tests
oCIsbndbNlm30CitationSchemaIsbnFilterFilter that uses the ISBNdb web service to identify an ISBN for a given citation
oCIsbndbNlm30CitationSchemaIsbnFilterTestTests for IsbndbNlm30CitationSchemaIsbnFilter
oCIssueClass for Issue
oCIssueActionIssueAction class
oCIssueDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Issue objects
oCIssueFileIssue file class
oCIssueFileDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying IssueFile objects
oCIssueFileManagerClass defining operations for issue file management
oCIssueFormForm to create or edit an issue
oCIssueGalleyA galley is a final presentation version of the full-text of an issue
oCIssueGalleyDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying IssueGalley objects
oCIssueGalleyFormIssue galley editing form
oCIssueHandlerHandle requests for issue functions
oCIssueManagementHandlerHandle requests for issue management in publishing
oCIssuesTestData build suite: Create issues
oCItemIteratorGeneric iterator class; needs to be overloaded by subclasses providing specific implementations
oCJforchtSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCJmwandengaSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCJnovakSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCJournalDescribes basic journal properties
oCJournalDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Journal objects
oCJournalFileManagerClass defining operations for private journal file management
oCJournalLanguagesHandlerHandle requests for changing journal language settings
oCJournalOAIOJS-specific OAI interface. Designed to support both a site-wide and journal-specific OAI interface (based on where the request is directed)
oCJournalPolicyPolicy that ensures availability of an OJS journal in the request context
oCJournalRTOJS-specific Reading Tools end-user interface
oCJournalRTAdminOJS-specific Reading Tools administration interface
oCJournalSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying journal settings
oCJournalSetupFormBase class for journal setup forms
oCJournalSetupStep1FormForm for Step 1 of journal setup
oCJournalSetupStep2FormForm for Step 2 of journal setup
oCJournalSetupStep3FormForm for Step 3 of journal setup
oCJournalSetupStep4FormForm for Step 4 of journal setup
oCJournalSetupStep5FormForm for Step 5 of journal setup
oCJournalSiteSettingsFormForm for site administrator to edit basic journal settings
oCJournalStatisticsDAOOperations for retrieving journal statistics
oCJSONManagerClass to build and manipulate JSON (Javascript Object Notation) objects
oCJSONMessageClass to represent a JSON (Javascript Object Notation) message
oCJSONTestTests for the JSON class
oCKalkhafajiSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCKbaumanSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCKeywordCloudBlockPluginClass for keyword cloud block plugin
oCLanguageBasic class describing a language
oCLanguageActionLanguageAction class
oCLanguageDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Language objects
oCLanguageSettingsFormForm for modifying journal language settings
oCLanguageToggleBlockPluginClass for language selector block plugin
oCLayoutCommentFormLayoutComment form
oCLayoutEditorActionLayoutEditorAction class
oCLayoutEditorHandlerHandle requests for layout editor functions
oCLayoutEditorSubmissionDescribes a layout editor's view of a submission
oCLayoutEditorSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying LayoutEditorSubmission objects
oCLchristopherSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCLDAPAuthPluginLDAP authentication plugin
oCLegacyJR1The Legacy COUNTER JR1 (r3) report
oCLegacyLinkActionBase class defining an action that can be performed within a Grid
oCLilacThemePlugin"Lilac" theme plugin
oCLinkActionBase class defining an action that can be performed by the user in the user interface
oCLinkActionRequestAbstract base class defining an action to be taken when a link action is activated
oCListbuilderGridColumnRepresents a column within a listbuilder
oCListbuilderGridRowHandle list builder row requests
oCListbuilderHandlerClass defining basic operations for handling Listbuilder UI elements
oCListbuilderListBase class for a listbuilder list. This is used by MultipleListsListbuilderHandler to implement multiple lists in a single listbuilder component
oCListbuilderMapUtility class representing a simple name / value association
oCLkumiegaSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCLocaleFileAbstraction of a locale file
oCLoginChangePasswordFormForm to change a user's password in order to login
oCLoginHandlerHandle login/logout requests
oCLogOutTestData build suite: Log out
oCLookupFilterGridHandlerDefines the filters that will be configured in this grid
oCLuceneFacetsBlockPluginLucene plugin, faceting block component
oCLuceneHandlerHandle lucene AJAX and XML requests (auto-completion, pull indexation, etc.)
oCLucenePluginLucene plugin class
oCLucenePluginTestTest class for the LucenePlugin class
oCLuceneSettingsFormForm to configure Lucene/Solr search
oCMailClass defining basic operations for handling and sending emails
oCMailTemplateSubclass of PKPMailTemplate for mailing a template email
oCManagerHandlerHandle requests for journal management functions
oCManagerPaymentHandlerHandle requests for configuring payments
oCManualPaymentPluginManual payment plugin class
oCMapGridCellProviderBase class for a cell provider that can retrieve labels from arrays
oCMassMailHelper class to send mass emails
oCMedraExportPluginMEDRA Onix for DOI (O4DOI) export/registration plugin
oCMedraSettingsFormForm for journal managers to setup the mEDRA plug-in
oCMedraWebserviceA wrapper for the mEDRA web service 2.0
oCMedraWebserviceTestTest class for MedraWebservice
oCMemcacheCacheProvides caching based on Memcache
oCmergeUsersCLI tool for merging two OJS 2 user accounts
oCMetadataDataObjectAdapterClass that injects/extracts a meta-data description into/from an application entity object (DataObject)
oCMetadataDescriptionClass modeling a description (DCMI abstract model) or subject- predicate-object graph (RDF). This class and its children provide meta-data (DCMI abstract model: statements of property-value pairs, RDF: assertions of predicate-object pairs) about a given PKP application entity instance (DCMI abstract model: described resource, RDF: subject)
oCMetadataDescriptionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying MetadataDescription objects
oCMetadataDescriptionDAOTestTest class for MetadataDescriptionDAO
oCMetadataDescriptionDummyAdapterClass that simulates a metadata adapter for metadata description object for direct metadata description persistence
oCMetadataDescriptionDummyAdapterTestTest class for MetadataDescriptionDummyAdapter
oCMetadataDescriptionTestTest class for MetadataDescription
oCMetadataFormForm to change metadata information for a submission
oCMetadataPluginAbstract class for metadata plugins
oCMetadataPluginTestCaseAbstract base class for MetadataPlugin tests
oCMetadataPropertyClass representing metadata properties. It specifies type and cardinality of a meta-data property (=term, field, ...) and whether the property can be internationalized. It also provides a validator to test whether input conforms to the property specification
oCMetadataPropertyTestTest class for MetadataProperty
oCMetadataRecordClass modeling a meta-data record (DCMI abstract model: an instance of a description set, RDF: a graph of several subject nodes with associated object nodes)
oCMetadataSchemaClass that represents a meta-data schema (e.g. NLM element-citation, OpenURL, dc(terms), MODS) or a subset of it
oCMetadataTypeDescriptionType validator for metadata input/output
oCMetadataTypeDescriptionTestTest class for MetadataTypeDescription
oCMetricsDAOOperations for retrieving and adding statistics data
oCMetsExportDomMetsExportDom export plugin DOM functions for export
oCMETSGatewayPluginA plugin to allow exposure of Journals in METS format for web service access
oCMlaCitationOutputPluginMLA citation style plug-in
oCMlaCitationPluginMLA citation format plugin
oCModalAbstract base class for all modal dialogs
oCMods34DescriptionTestCaseBase test case for tests that involve a MODS MetadataDescription
oCMods34DescriptionXmlFilterClass that converts a meta-data description to a MODS 3.4 XML document
oCMods34DescriptionXmlFilterTestTest class for Mods34DescriptionXmlFilter
oCMods34MetadataPluginMODS 3.4 metadata plugin
oCMods34MetadataPluginTestTest class for Mods34MetadataPlugin
oCMods34NameSchemaClass that provides meta-data properties compliant with the MODS name tag from MODS Version 3.4. We only support those sub-elements we have use-cases for. We map elements and attributes from the original XML standard to 'element[="..."]' property names
oCMods34SchemaOJS-specific implementation of the Mods34Schema
oCMods34SchemaArticleAdapterClass that inject/extract MODS schema compliant meta-data into/from an Article or PublishedArticle object
oCMods34SchemaSubmissionAdapterAbstract base class for meta-data adapters that injects/extracts MODS schema compliant meta-data into/from a Submission object
oCMods34SchemaSubmissionAdapterTestTest class for Mods34SchemaSubmissionAdapter
oCMultilingualListbuilderGridColumnRepresents a multilingual text column within a listbuilder
oCMultipleListsListbuilderHandlerClass defining basic operations for handling multiple lists listbuilder UI elements
oCNativeExportDomNative import/export plugin DOM functions for export
oCNativeImportDomNative import/export plugin DOM functions for import
oCNativeImportExportPluginNative import/export plugin
oCNativeImportExportPluginTestTest class for the NativeImportExportPlugin class
oCNavigationBlockPluginClass for navigation block plugin
oCNightThemePlugin"Night" theme plugin
oCNlm30CitationDemultiplexerFilterFilter that takes a list of NLM citation descriptions and joins them into a single "best" citation
oCNlm30CitationSchemaClass that provides meta-data properties compliant with the NLM element-citation tag from the NLM Journal Publishing Tag Set Version 3.0. We only use the "references class" of elements allowed in the element-citation tag. We do not support all sub-elements but only those we have use-cases for. We map elements and attributes from the original XML standard to 'element[="..."]' property names
oCNlm30CitationSchemaAbntFilterFilter that transforms NLM citation metadata descriptions into ABNT citation output
oCNlm30CitationSchemaAbntFilterTestTests for the Nlm30CitationSchemaAbntFilter class
oCNlm30CitationSchemaApaFilterFilter that transforms NLM citation metadata descriptions into APA citation output
oCNlm30CitationSchemaApaFilterTestTests for the Nlm30CitationSchemaApaFilter class
oCNlm30CitationSchemaCitationAdapterClass that injects/extracts NLM citation schema compliant meta-data into/from a Citation object
oCNlm30CitationSchemaCitationAdapterTestTest class for Nlm30CitationSchemaCitationAdapter
oCNlm30CitationSchemaCitationOutputFormatFilterAbstract base class for all filters that transform NLM citation metadata descriptions into citation output formats via smarty template
oCNlm30CitationSchemaCitationOutputFormatFilterTestBase tests class for citation output format filters
oCNlm30CitationSchemaFilterAbstract base class for all filters that transform NLM citation metadata descriptions
oCNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestCaseBase class for all citation parser and lookup service implementation tests
oCNlm30CitationSchemaMlaFilterFilter that transforms NLM citation metadata descriptions into MLA citation output
oCNlm30CitationSchemaMlaFilterTestTests for the Nlm30CitationSchemaMlaFilter class
oCNlm30CitationSchemaNlm30XmlFilterFilter that transforms NLM citation metadata descriptions into NLM 3.0 XML citation output
oCNlm30CitationSchemaNlm30XmlFilterTestTests for the Nlm30CitationSchemaNlm30XmlFilter class
oCNlm30CitationSchemaOpenurl10CrosswalkFilterFilter that converts from NLM citation to OpenURL schemas
oCNlm30CitationSchemaOpenurl10CrosswalkFilterTestTests for the Nlm30CitationSchemaOpenurl10CrosswalkFilter class
oCNlm30CitationSchemaParserFilterTestCaseBase class for all Nlm30CitationSchemaFilter tests for parser filters
oCNlm30CitationSchemaVancouverFilterFilter that transforms NLM citation metadata descriptions into Vancouver citation output
oCNlm30CitationSchemaVancouverFilterTestTests for the Nlm30CitationSchemaVancouverFilter class
oCNlm30MetadataPluginNLM 3.0 metadata plugin
oCNlm30MetadataPluginTestTest class for Nlm30MetadataPlugin
oCNlm30NameSchemaClass that provides meta-data properties compliant with the NLM name tag from the NLM Journal Publishing Tag Set Version 3.0. Records of this type will be used as composite property within the person group properties
oCNlm30NameSchemaPersonStringFilterFilter that converts from NLM name to a string
oCNlm30NameSchemaPersonStringFilterTestTests for the Nlm30NameSchemaPersonStringFilter class
oCNlm30Nlm23CrosswalkFilterTestTests for the Nlm30Nlm23CrosswalkFilterTest class
oCNlm30Openurl10CrosswalkFilterFilter that converts from NLM citation to OpenURL schemas
oCNlm30Openurl10CrosswalkFilterTestTests for the Nlm30CitationSchemaOpenurl10CrosswalkFilter class
oCNlm30PersonStringFilterFilter that converts from a string to an (array of) NLM name description(s)
oCNlm30XmlFilterTestCaseBasic test class for filters that handle NLM XML
oCNoteClass for OJS Note
oCNoteDAOOJS extension of PKPNoteDAO
oCNotificationClass for Notification
oCNotificationBlockPluginClass for "notification" block plugin
oCNotificationDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Notification objects
oCNotificationHandlerHandle requests for viewing notifications
oCNotificationMailingListFormForm to subscribe to the notification mailing list
oCNotificationMailListDAOOperations for getting and setting subscriptions to the non-user notification mailing list
oCNotificationSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Notification metadata
oCNotificationSettingsFormForm to edit notification settings
oCNotificationSubscriptionSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying user's notification settings. This class stores user settings that determine how notifications should be delivered to them
oCNpiersonSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCNullActionThis action does nothing
oCNullGridCellProviderClass to return null when render method is called by a grid handler. Use this when you want to create a column with no content at all (for layout purposes using flags, for example)
oCO4DOIExportDomOnix for DOI (O4DOI) XML export format implementation
oCO4DOIObjectCacheA cache for publication objects required during O4DOI export
oCO4DOIObjectCacheTestTest class for O4DOIObjectCache
oCOAIClass to process and respond to OAI requests
oCOAIConfigData structures associated with the OAI request handler
oCOAIDAODAO operations for the OJS OAI interface
oCOAIHandlerHandle OAI protocol requests
oCOAIMetadataFormat_DCOAI metadata format class – Dublin Core
oCOAIMetadataFormat_DCTestTest class for OAIMetadataFormat_DC
oCOAIMetadataFormat_MARCOAI metadata format class – MARC
oCOAIMetadataFormat_MARC21OAI metadata format class – MARC21 (MARCXML)
oCOAIMetadataFormat_NLMOAI metadata format class – NLM 2.3
oCOAIMetadataFormat_RFC1807OAI metadata format class – RFC 1807
oCOAIMetadataFormatPluginAbstract class for OAI Metadata format plugins
oCOAIMetadataFormatPlugin_DCDc metadata format plugin for OAI
oCOAIMetadataFormatPlugin_MARCMarc metadata format plugin for OAI
oCOAIMetadataFormatPlugin_MARC21Marc21 metadata format plugin for OAI
oCOAIMetadataFormatPlugin_NLMNLM Journal Article metadata format plugin for OAI
oCOAIMetadataFormatPlugin_RFC1807Rfc1807 metadata format plugin for OAI
oCObjectForReviewBasic class describing an object for review
oCObjectForReviewAssignmentBasic class describing an object for review assignment
oCObjectForReviewAssignmentDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ObjectForReviewAssignment objects
oCObjectForReviewAssignmentFormObject for review assignment form
oCObjectForReviewDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ObjectForReview objects
oCObjectForReviewFormObject for review form
oCObjectForReviewPersonObject for review person metadata class
oCObjectForReviewPersonDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ObjectForReviewPerson objects
oCObjectForReviewPluginObject for review plugin class
oCObjectForReviewSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying object for review settings
oCObjectsForReviewAuthorHandlerHandle requests for author object for review functions
oCObjectsForReviewEditorHandlerHandle requests for editor objects for review functions
oCObjectsForReviewHandlerHandle requests for public object for review functions
oCObjectsForReviewReminderClass to perform automated reminders for object reviewers
oCObjectsForReviewSettingsFormForm for editors to modify objects for review plugin settings
oCOJSCompletedPaymentClass describing a payment ready to be in the database
oCOJSCompletedPaymentDAOOperations for retrieving and querying past payments
oCOJSHelpMappingFileAbstracts the built-in help mapping XML file
oCOjsJournalAccessPolicyClass to control access to OJS' journal setup components
oCOJSNotificationOJS subclass for Notifications (defines OJS-specific types)
oCOJSPaymentManagerProvides payment management functions
oCOJSQueuedPaymentQueued payment data structure for OJS
oCOjsSubmissionAccessPolicyClass to control access to OJS's submission editing components
oCOJSSwordDepositClass providing a SWORD deposit wrapper for OJS articles
oCONIXCodelistItemBasic class describing a codelist item
oCONIXParserDOMHandlerThis parser extracts a specific xs:simpleType based on a name attribute representing a code list within it. It returns the xs:enumeration values within it along with the xs:documentation elements which serve as textual descriptions of the Codelist values
oCOpenAccessNotificationClass to perform automated email notifications when an issue becomes open access
oCOpenAIREDAODAO operations for OpenAIRE
oCOpenAIREPluginOpenAIRE plugin class
oCOpenurl10BaseSchemaClass that provides meta-data properties common to all variants of the OpenURL 1.0 standard
oCOpenurl10BookSchemaClass that provides meta-data properties of the OpenURL 1.0 book standard
oCOpenurl10DissertationSchemaClass that provides meta-data properties of the OpenURL 1.0 dissertation standard
oCOpenurl10JournalBookBaseSchemaClass that provides meta-data properties common to the journal and book variants of the OpenURL 1.0 standard
oCOpenurl10JournalSchemaClass that provides meta-data properties of the OpenURL journal 1.0 standard
oCOpenurl10MetadataPluginOpenURL 1.0 metadata plugin
oCOpenurl10MetadataPluginTestTest class for Openurl10MetadataPlugin
oCOpenurl10Nlm30CitationSchemaCrosswalkFilterFilter that converts from NLM citation to OpenURL schemas
oCOpenurl10Nlm30CitationSchemaCrosswalkFilterTestTests for the Openurl10Nlm30CitationSchemaCrosswalkFilter class
oCOrderCategoryGridItemsFeatureImplements category grid ordering functionality
oCOrderGridItemsFeatureImplements grid ordering functionality
oCOrderItemsFeatureBase class for grid widgets ordering functionality
oCOrderListbuilderItemsFeatureImplements listbuilder ordering functionality
oCOrderMultipleListsItemsFeatureImplements multiple lists listbuilder ordering functionality
oCPageRouterClass providing OJS-specific page routing
oCParaciteCitationParserPluginParaCite citation extraction connector plug-in
oCParaciteRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilterParacite parsing filter implementation
oCParaciteRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestTests for the ParaciteRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilter class
oCParscitCitationParserPluginParsCit citation extraction connector plug-in
oCParscitRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilterParsing filter implementation that uses the Parscit web service
oCParscitRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestTests for the ParscitRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilter class
oCParserFilterGridHandlerDefines the filters that will be configured in this grid
oCPaymentAbstract class for payments
oCPaymentHandlerHandle requests for payment functions
oCPaymentManagerProvides payment management functions
oCPaymentSettingsFormForm for managers to modify Payment costs and settings
oCPaymethodPluginAbstract class for paymethod plugins
oCPayMethodSettingsFormForm for managers to modify Payment Plugin settings
oCPayPalDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Transactions objects
oCPayPalPluginPayPal Paymethod plugin class
oCPdanielSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCPeerReviewCommentFormComment form
oCPeopleHandlerHandle requests for people management functions
oCPersistableFilterA filter that can be persisted to the database
oCPersistableTestFilterTest class to be used to test the FilterDAO
oCPersonStringNlm30NameSchemaFilterFilter that converts from a string to an (array of) NLM name description(s)
oCPersonStringNlm30NameSchemaFilterTestTests for the PersonStringNlm30NameSchemaFilter class
oCPhpCompatA small wrapper script around PEAR's PHP_CompatInfo package to test PHP version compatibility
oCPhpMyVisitesPluginPhpMyVisites plugin class
oCPhpMyVisitesSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify phpMyVisites plugin settings
oCPiwikPluginPiwik plugin class
oCPiwikSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify piwik plugin settings
oCPKPAbntCitationOutputPluginCross-application ABNT citation style plugin
oCPKPActionApplication-independent submission actions
oCPKPAnnouncementBasic class describing a announcement
oCPKPAnnouncementDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Announcement objects
oCPKPAnnouncementHandlerHandle requests for public announcement functions
oCPKPAnnouncementTypeBasic class describing an announcement type
oCPKPAnnouncementTypeDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying AnnouncementType objects
oCPKPApaCitationOutputPluginCross-application APA citation style plugin
oCPKPApplicationClass describing this application
oCPKPAuthorAuthor metadata class
oCPKPAuthorDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying PKPAuthor objects
oCPKPCitationGridCellProviderGrid cell provider for the citation editor grid
oCPKPCitationGridHandlerHandle generic parts of citation grid requests
oCPKPCitationGridRowThe citation grid row definition
oCPKPComponentRouterClass mapping an HTTP request to a component handler operation
oCPKPComponentRouterTestTests for the PKPComponentRouter class
oCPKPContentBaseTestCaseData build suite: Base class for content creation tests (PKP base)
oCPKPCreateUsersTestData build suite: Create test users
oCPKPCrossrefCitationLookupPluginCross-application CrossRef citation lookup plugin
oCPKPDc11MetadataPluginAbstract base class for Dublin Core version 1.1 metadata plugins
oCPKPDc11MetadataPluginTestTest class for PKPDc11MetadataPlugin
oCPKPDc11SchemaClass that provides meta-data properties compliant with the Dublin Core specification, version 1.1
oCPKPEmailTemplateDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Email Template objects
oCPKPFileBase PKP file class
oCPKPFileDAOAbstract base class for retrieving and modifying PKPFile objects and their decendents
oCPKPFilterGridHandlerManage filter administration and settings
oCPKPFilterGridRowThe filter grid row definition
oCPKPFreeciteCitationParserPluginCross-application FreeCite citation parser
oCPKPGiftBasic class describing a gift
oCPKPGiftDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Gift objects
oCPKPHelpProvides methods for translating help topic keys to their respected topic help ids
oCPKPInstallationTestData build suite: Install the system
oCPKPInstallHandlerHandle installation requests
oCPKPIsbndbCitationLookupPluginCross-application ISBNdb citation lookup plugin
oCPKPIsbndbCitationLookupPluginTestTest class for PKPIsbndbCitationLookupPlugin
oCPKPLocaleProvides methods for loading locale data and translating strings identified by unique keys
oCPKPLocaleTestTests for the PKPLocale class
oCPKPLoginHandlerHandle login/logout requests
oCPKPMailTemplateSubclass of Mail for mailing a template email
oCPKPMlaCitationOutputPluginCross-application MLA citation style plugin
oCPKPMods34MetadataPluginAbstract base class for MODS metadata plugins
oCPKPMods34MetadataPluginTestTest class for PKPMods34MetadataPlugin
oCPKPMods34SchemaClass that provides meta-data properties compliant with a subset of MODS Version 3.4. We only support those sub-elements we have use-cases (and data) for. We map elements and attributes from the original XML standard to 'element/subelement[="..."]' property names
oCPKPNlm30MetadataPluginAbstract base class for NLM 3.0 metadata plugins
oCPKPNlm30MetadataPluginTestTest class for PKPNlm30MetadataPlugin
oCPKPNotificationManagerClass for Notification Manager
oCPKPNotificationSettingsFormForm to edit notification settings
oCPKPOAIDAOBase class for DAO operations for the OAI interface
oCPKPOAIMetadataFormat_DCOAI metadata format class – Dublin Core
oCPKPOAIMetadataFormatPlugin_DCDc metadata format plugin for OAI
oCPKPOpenurl10MetadataPluginAbstract base class for OpenURL 1.0 metadata plugins
oCPKPOpenurl10MetadataPluginTestTest class for PKPOpenurl10MetadataPlugin
oCPKPPageRouterClass mapping an HTTP request to a handler or context
oCPKPPageRouterTestTests for the PKPPageRouter class
oCPKPParaciteCitationParserPluginCross-application ParaCite citation parser
oCPKPParscitCitationParserPluginCross-application ParsCit citation parser
oCPKPPluginAbstract class for plugins
oCPKPProcessAccessPolicyClass to control access to handler operations based on a one time key that authorizes a process to execute
oCPKPProcessAccessPolicyTestTest class for the PKPProcessAccessPolicy class
oCPKPProfilerBasic shell class used to wrap the PHP Quick Profiler Class
oCPKPPublicAccessPolicyClass to control access to handler operations based on an operation whitelist
oCPKPPublicAccessPolicyTestTest class for the PKPPublicAccessPolicy class
oCPKPPublicFileManagerWrapper class for uploading files to a site/journal's public directory
oCPKPPubmedCitationLookupPluginCross-application PubMed citation lookup plugin
oCPKPRegexCitationParserPluginCross-application regular expression based citation parser
oCPKPRequestClass providing operations associated with HTTP requests
oCPKPRequestTestTests for the PKPRequest class
oCPKPReviewAssignmentDescribes review assignment properties (abstracted for PKP library)
oCPKPReviewAssignmentDAOClass for DAO relating reviewers to submissions
oCPKPRouterBasic router class that has functionality common to all routers
oCPKPRouterTestCaseBase tests class for PKPRouter tests
oCPKPSignoffDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Signoff objects
oCPKPSiteAccessPolicyClass to that makes sure that a user is logged in
oCPKPSubmissionFileDAOAbstract base class for retrieving and modifying SubmissionFile objects and their decendents (e.g. MonographFile, ArtworkFile)
oCPKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilterClass that converts a submission to an NLM Journal Publishing Tag Set 3.0 XML document
oCPKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilterTestTests for the PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilterTest class
oCPKPTemporaryFileManagerClass defining operations for temporary file management
oCPKPTestCaseClass that implements functionality common to all PKP unit test cases
oCPKPUserBasic class describing users existing in the system
oCPKPUserDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying User objects
oCPKPUserGroupDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying User Groups and user group assignments FIXME: Some of the context-specific features of this class will have to be changed for zero- or double-context applications when user groups are ported over to them
oCPKPUserHandlerHandle requests for user functions
oCPKPUserSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying user settings
oCPKPVancouverCitationOutputPluginCross-application Vancouver citation style plugin
oCPKPWorldcatCitationLookupPluginCross-application WorldCat citation lookup plugin
oCPlainTextReferencesListClass representing an ordered list of plain text citation output
oCPlainTextReferencesListFilterClass that converts a submission to a plain text references list based on the configured ordering type and citation output filter
oCPLNGatewayPluginGateway component of web feed plugin
oCPLNHandlerHandle PLN requests
oCPLNPluginPLN plugin class
oCPLNPluginDepositorClass to perform automated deposits of PLN object
oCPLNSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify PLN plugin settings
oCPLNStatusFormForm for journal managers to check PLN plugin status
oCPluginAbstract class for plugins
oCPluginHandlerHandle requests for plugin management functions
oCPluginHelpMappingFileAbstracts the plugin's help mapping XML files
oCPluginManagementHandlerHandle requests for installing/upgrading/deleting plugins
oCPluginRegistryRegistry class for managing plugins
oCPluginSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying plugin settings
oCPluginTestCaseAbstract base class for Plugin tests
oCPolicySetAn ordered list of policies. Policy sets can be added to decision managers like policies. The decision manager will evaluate the contained policies in the order they were added
oCPolicySetTestTest class for the PolicySet class
oCPolicyTestCaseAbstract base test class that provides infrastructure for several types of policy tests
oCPostAndRedirectActionClass defining a post and redirect action. See PostAndRedirectRequest.js to detailed description
oCpoToCountriesCLI tool to convert a .PO file for ISO3166 into the countries.xml format supported by the PKP suite
oCpoToCurrenciesCLI tool to convert a .PO file for ISO4217 into the currencies.xml format supported by the PKP suite
oCPrimitiveTypeDescriptionClass that describes a primitive input/output type
oCPrimitiveTypeDescriptionTestTest class for PrimitiveTypeDescription and TypeDescription
oCPrivateFileManagerClass defining operations for private file management
oCProcessA class representing a running process
oCProcessDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying process data
oCProcessDAOTestTest class for ProcessDAO
oCProCiteCitationPluginProCite citation format plugin
oCProfileFormForm to edit user profile
oCProfileHandlerHandle requests for modifying user profiles
oCProofreadCommentFormProofreadComment form
oCProofreaderActionProofreaderAction class
oCProofreaderHandlerHandle requests for proofreader functions
oCProofreaderSubmissionDescribes a proofreader's view of a submission
oCProofreaderSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ProofreaderSubmission objects
oCPubIdImportExportPluginPublic identifier import/export plugin
oCPubIdPluginAbstract class for public identifiers plugins
oCPubIdPluginHelperHelper class for public identifiers plugins
oCPublicFileManagerWrapper class for uploading files to a site/journal's public directory
oCPublishedArticlePublished article class
oCPublishedArticleDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying PublishedArticle objects
oCPubmedCitationLookupPluginPubMed citation database connector plug-in
oCPubMedExportDomPubMed XML export plugin DOM functions
oCPubMedExportPluginMETS/MODS XML metadata export plugin
oCPubmedNlm30CitationSchemaFilterFilter that uses the Pubmed web service to identify a PMID and corresponding meta-data for a given NLM citation
oCPubmedNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestTests for the PubmedNlm30CitationSchemaFilter class
oCPubObjectCacheA cache for publication objects required during export
oCPubObjectCacheTestTest class for PubObjectCache
oCQualifierBasic class describing a BIC Qualifier
oCQualifierDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Subject Qualifier objects
oCQueuedPaymentQueued (unfulfilled) payment data structure
oCQueuedPaymentDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying queued payment objects
oCQuickSubmitFormForm for QuickSubmit one-page submission plugin
oCQuickSubmitPluginQuick Submit one-page submission plugin
oCRbaiyewuSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCRcerpaSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCReadingToolsBlockPluginClass for reading tools block plugin
oCrebuildSearchIndexCLI tool to rebuild the article keyword search database
oCRedbarThemePlugin"Redbar" theme plugin
oCRedirectActionThis action request redirects to another page
oCRedirectConfirmationModalClass defining a simple confirmation modal with a redirect url and ok/cancel buttons
oCReferralBasic class describing a referral
oCReferralDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Referral objects
oCReferralFormForm for authors to create/edit referrals
oCReferralHandlerThis handles requests for the referral plugin
oCReferralPluginReferral plugin to track and maintain potential references to published articles
oCReferralPluginSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify referral plugin settings
oCRefManCitationPluginReference Manager citation format plugin
oCRefWorksCitationPluginRefWorks citation format plugin
oCRegexCitationParserPluginRegular extraction based citation extraction plug-in
oCRegexRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilterA simple regex based citation parsing filter. Uses regexes to break a citation string into metadata elements. Works best on ICMJE/Vancouver-type journal citations
oCRegexRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestTests for the RegexRawCitationNlm30CitationSchemaFilter class
oCRegistrationFormForm for user registration
oCRegistrationHandlerHandle requests for user registration
oCRegistryMaintains a static table of keyed references. Used for storing/accessing single instance objects and values
oCRelatedItemsBlockPluginClass for related items block plugin
oCRemoteActionConfirmationModalClass defining a simple confirmation modal with a remote action and ok/cancel buttons
oCReportGeneratorFormForm to generate custom statistics reports
oCReportGeneratorHandlerHandle requests for report generator functions
oCReportPluginAbstract class for report plugins
oCRequestClass providing operations associated with HTTP requests. Requests are assumed to be in the format http://host.tld/index.php/<journal_id>/<page_name>/<operation_name>/<arguments...> <journal_id> is assumed to be "index" for top-level site requests
oCResolverPluginSimple resolver gateway plugin
oCResourceWrapperClass abstracting operations for accessing resources
oCRestrictedSiteAccessPolicyPolicy enforcing restricted site access when the context contains such a setting
oCReviewAssignmentDescribes review assignment properties
oCReviewAssignmentDAOClass for DAO relating reviewers to articles
oCReviewerActionReviewerAction class
oCReviewerHandlerHandle requests for reviewer functions
oCReviewerSubmissionReviewerSubmission class
oCReviewerSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ReviewerSubmission objects
oCReviewFormBasic class describing a review form
oCReviewFormDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ReviewForm objects
oCReviewFormElementBasic class describing a review form element
oCReviewFormElementDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ReviewFormElement objects
oCReviewFormElementFormForm for creating and modifying review form elements
oCReviewFormFormForm for creating and modifying review forms
oCReviewFormHandlerHandle requests for review form management functions
oCReviewFormResponseBasic class describing a review form response
oCReviewFormResponseDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ReviewFormResponse objects
oCReviewFormResponseFormPeer review form response form
oCReviewObjectMetadataBasic class describing a review object metadata
oCReviewObjectMetadataDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ReviewObjectMetadata objects
oCReviewObjectMetadataFormForm for creating and modifying review object metadata
oCReviewObjectTypeBasic class describing a review object type
oCReviewObjectTypeDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying ReviewObjectType objects
oCReviewObjectTypeFormForm for journal managers to create/edit review object types
oCReviewObjectTypesEditorHandlerHandle requests for editor objects for review functions
oCReviewReminderClass to perform automated reminders for reviewers
oCReviewReportDAOReview report DAO
oCReviewReportPluginReview report plugin
oCRoleDescribes user roles within the system and the associated permissions
oCRoleBasedHandlerOperationPolicyClass to control access to handler operations via role based access control
oCRoleBasedHandlerOperationPolicyTestTest class for the RoleBasedHandlerOperation class
oCRoleBlockPluginClass for role block plugin
oCRoleDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Role objects
oCRoundedCornersPluginRounded Corners plugin class
oCRrossiSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCRTClass to process and respond to Reading Tools requests
oCRTAdminClass to process and respond to Reading Tools administration requests
oCRTAdminHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests
oCRTContextHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests – contexts section
oCRTDAODAO operations for the OJS Reading Tools interface
oCRTHandlerHandle Reading Tools requests
oCRTSearchHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests – contexts section
oCRTSetupHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests – setup section
oCRTSharingHandlerHandle Reading Tools sharing requests – setup section
oCRTVersionData structures associated with the Reading Tools component
oCRTVersionHandlerHandle Reading Tools administration requests – setup section
oCRTXMLParserClass to parse Reading Tools data from an XML format
oCrunScheduledTasksCLI tool to execute a set of scheduled tasks
oCRuntimeEnvironmentClass that describes a runtime environment
oCRyagnaSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCSampleImportExportPluginSample import/export plugin
oCScheduledTaskBase class for executing scheduled tasks. All scheduled task classes must extend this class and implement execute()
oCScheduledTaskDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Scheduled Task data
oCScheduledTaskHelperHelper class for common scheduled tasks operations
oCScheduledTaskHelperTestTests for the ScheduledTask class
oCScheduledTaskToolCLI tool to execute a set of scheduled tasks
oCSearchFileParserAbstract class to extract search text from a given file
oCSearchFormForm to change metadata information for an RT search
oCSearchHandlerHandle site index requests
oCSearchHelperParserClass to extract text from a file using an external helper program
oCSearchHTMLParserClass to extract text from an HTML file
oCSectionDescribes basic section properties
oCSectionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Section objects
oCSectionEditorActionSectionEditorAction class
oCSectionEditorHandlerHandle requests for section editor functions
oCSectionEditorsDAOClass for DAO relating sections to editors
oCSectionEditorSubmissionSectionEditorSubmission class
oCSectionEditorSubmissionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying SectionEditorSubmission objects
oCSectionEditorSubmissionRequiredPolicyPolicy that ensures that the request contains a valid section editor submission
oCSectionFormForm for creating and modifying journal sections
oCSectionHandlerHandle requests for section management functions
oCSectionsTestData build suite: Create/configure sections
oCSectionSubmissionAssignmentPolicyClass to control access to journal sections
oCSehlPluginSearch Engine HighLighting plugin
oCSessionMaintains user state information from one request to the next
oCSessionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Session objects
oCSessionManagerImplements PHP methods for a custom session storage handler (see
oCSetFilterSettingClass that describes a configurable filter setting which must be one of a given set of values
oCSettingsFormForm for METS gateway plugin settings
oCSetupHandlerHandle requests for journal setup functions
oCSharingRTOJS-specific AddThis end-user interface
oCShibAuthPluginShibboleth plugin class
oCSignoffBasic class describing a signoff
oCSignoffDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Signoff objects
oCSiteDescribes system-wide site properties
oCSiteDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying the Site object
oCSitemapHandlerProduce a sitemap in XML format for submitting to search engines
oCSiteSettingsFormForm to edit site settings
oCSMTPMailerClass defining a simple SMTP mail client (reference RFCs 821 and 2821)
oCSolrSearchRequestA value object containing all parameters of a solr search query
oCSolrWebServiceImplements the communication protocol with the solr search server
oCSolrWebServiceTestTest class for the SolrWebService class
oCSQLParserClass for parsing and executing statements in SQL files
oCStatisticsHandlerHandle requests for statistics functions
oCStatisticsHelperStatistics helper class
oCSteelThemePlugin"Steel" theme plugin
oCStopForumSpamPluginStop Forum Spam plugin class
oCStopForumSpamSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify the Stop Forum Spam plugin settings
oCStringString manipulation wrapper class
oCStringTestTests for the String class
oCStudentThesisFormForm for students to submit thesis abstract
oCSubjectBasic class describing a BIC Subject
oCSubjectDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Subject Subject objects
oCSubmissionSubmission class
oCSubmissionCommentsHandlerHandle requests for submission comments
oCSubmissionCopyeditHandlerHandle requests for submission tracking
oCSubmissionEditHandlerHandle requests for submission tracking
oCSubmissionFileSubmission file class
oCSubmissionFileDAODelegateAbstract class to support DAO delegates that provide operations to retrieve and modify SubmissionFile objects
oCSubmissionLayoutHandlerHandle requests related to submission layout editing
oCSubmissionProofreadHandlerHandle requests for proofreader submission functions
oCSubmissionReviewHandlerHandle requests for submission tracking
oCSubmitHandlerHandle requests for author article submission
oCSubscriptionBasic class describing a subscription
oCSubscriptionBlockPluginClass for subscription block plugin
oCSubscriptionDAOAbstract class for retrieving and modifying subscriptions
oCSubscriptionExpiryReminderClass to perform automated reminders for reviewers
oCSubscriptionFormBase form class for subscription create/edits
oCSubscriptionManagerHandlerHandle requests for subscription management functions
oCSubscriptionPolicyFormForm for managers to setup subscription policies
oCSubscriptionReportPluginSubscription report plugin
oCSubscriptiontyoeBasic class describing a subscription type
oCSubscriptionTypeDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying SubscriptionType objects
oCSubscriptionTypeFormForm for journal managers to create/edit subscription types
oCSuppFileSupplementary file class
oCSuppFileDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying SuppFile objects
oCSuppFileFormSupplementary file form
oCSwordHandlerHandle requests for author SWORD deposits
oCSwordPluginSword deposit plugin
oCTemplateBasedFilterAbstract base class for all filters that transform their input via smarty templates
oCTemplateBasedReferencesListFilterAbstract base class for filters that create a references list for a submission
oCTemplateManagerClass for accessing the underlying template engine. Currently integrated with Smarty (from
oCTemporaryFileTemporary file class
oCTemporaryFileDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying TemporaryFile objects
oCTemporaryFileManagerClass defining operations for temporary file management
oCTestClass1Test class to be used/instantiated by ClassTypeDescriptionTest
oCTestClass2Test class to be used/instantiated by ClassTypeDescriptionTest
oCTestHelperClass that implements functionality common to all PKP test types
oCTestSchemaClass that provides typical meta-data properties for testing purposes
oCTestTestingEnvironmentIntegration/Functional test to make sure the testing environment is working
oCThemePluginAbstract class for theme plugins
oCThesisBasic class describing a thesis
oCThesisDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Thesis objects
oCThesisFeedBlockPluginClass for block component of thesis feed plugin
oCThesisFeedGatewayPluginGateway component of thesis feed plugin
oCThesisFeedPluginThesis Feed plugin class
oCThesisFormForm for journal managers to create/edit thesis abstracts
oCThesisHandlerHandle requests for public thesis abstract functions
oCThesisPluginThesis abstracts plugin class
oCThesisSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify Thesis Abstract plugin settings
oCTimedViewReportPluginTimed View report plugin
oCTinyMCEPluginTinyMCE WYSIWYG plugin for textareas - to allow cross-browser HTML editing
oCTrackSubmissionHandlerHandle requests for submission tracking
oCTranscoderMulti-class transcoder; uses mbstring and iconv if available, otherwise falls back to built-in classes
oCTranslatorActionPerform various tasks related to translation
oCTranslatorHandlerThis handles requests for the translator plugin
oCTranslatorPluginThis plugin helps with translation maintenance
oCTurabianCitationPluginTurabian citation format plugin
oCTypeDescriptionAbstract base class for filter input/output type descriptions
oCTypeDescriptionFactoryA factory class that takes a plain text type descriptor and instantiates the correct type description object based on the descriptor's namespace
oCTypeDescriptionFactoryTestTest class for TypeDescriptionFactory
oCUncommonThemePlugin"Uncommon" theme plugin
oCUpgradePerform system upgrade
oCUpgradeFormForm for system upgrades
oCupgradeToolCLI tool for upgrading OJS
oCURNPubIdPluginURN plugin class
oCURNSettingsFormForm for journal managers to setup URN plugin
oCUsageEventPluginProvide usage event to other statistics plugins
oCUsageStatsHandlerHandle usage stats page requests (opt-out, privacy information)
oCUsageStatsLoaderScheduled task to extract transform and load usage statistics data into database
oCUsageStatsOptoutBlockPluginOpt-out component
oCUsageStatsPluginProvide usage statistics to data objects
oCUsageStatsReportPluginOJS default statistics report plugin (and metrics provider)
oCUsageStatsSettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify usage statistics plugin settings
oCUsageStatsTemporaryRecordDAOOperations for retrieving and adding temporary usage statistics records
oCUserBasic class describing users existing in the system
oCUserActionUserAction class
oCUserApiHandlerClass defining the headless AJAX API for backend user manipulation
oCUserBlockPluginClass for user block plugin
oCUserDAOBasic class describing users existing in the system
oCUserExportDomUser plugin DOM functions for export
oCUserGroupDescribes user groups
oCUserHandlerHandle requests for user functions
oCUserImportExportPluginUsers import/export plugin
oCUserIndividualSubscriptionFormForm class for user purchase of individual subscription
oCUserInstitutionalSubscriptionFormForm class for user purchase of institutional subscription
oCUserManagementFormForm for journal managers to edit user profiles
oCUserRequiredPolicyPolicy to deny access if a context cannot be found in the request
oCUserRolesRequiredPolicyPolicy to build an authorized user roles object. Because we may have users with no roles, we don't deny access when no user roles are found
oCUserSettingsDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying user settings
oCUserXMLParserClass to import and export user data from an XML format. See dbscripts/xml/dtd/users.dtd for the XML schema used
oCValidationClass providing user validation/authentication operations
oCValidatorAbstract class that represents a validation check. This class and its sub-classes can be used outside a form validation context which enables re-use of complex validation code
oCValidatorControlledVocabValidation check that checks if value is within a certain set retrieved from the database
oCValidatorControlledVocabTestTest class for ValidatorControlledVocab
oCValidatorDateValidation check for dates. Accepts truncated dates, such as year, or year and month
oCValidatorDateTestTest class for ValidatorDate
oCValidatorEmailValidation check for email addresses
oCValidatorEmailTestTest class for ValidatorEmail
oCValidatorInSetValidation check for known sets
oCValidatorInSetTestTest class for ValidatorInSet
oCValidatorISNIValidation check for ISNIs
oCValidatorISNITestTest class for ValidatorISNI
oCValidatorISSNValidation check for ISSNs
oCValidatorISSNTestTest class for ValidatorISSN
oCValidatorORCIDValidation check for ORCID iDs
oCValidatorORCIDTestTest class for ValidatorORCID
oCValidatorRegExpValidation check using a regular expression
oCValidatorTypeDescriptionClass that describes a string input/output type that passes additional validation (via standard validator classes)
oCValidatorTypeDescriptionTestTest class for ValidatorTypeDescription and TypeDescription
oCValidatorUriValidation check for URIs
oCValidatorUrlValidation check for URLs
oCValidatorUrlTestTest class for ValidatorUrl
oCVancouverCitationOutputPluginVancouver citation style plug-in
oCVanillaThemePlugin"Vanilla" theme plugin
oCVersionDescribes system version history
oCVersionCheckProvides methods to check for the latest version of OJS
oCVersionDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying Version objects
oCVersionFormForm to change metadata information for an RT version
oCViewReportPluginView report plugin
oCVirtualArrayIteratorProvides paging and iteration for "virtual" arrays – arrays for which only the current "page" is available, but are much bigger in entirety
oCVkarbasizaedSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCVwilliamsonSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission
oCWebFeedBlockPluginClass for block component of web feed plugin
oCWebFeedGatewayPluginGateway component of web feed plugin
oCWebFeedPluginWeb Feeds plugin class
oCWebServiceAbstract base class for a web service
oCWebServiceRequestRepresents a web service request
oCWebTestCaseBase test class for Selenium functional tests
oCWizardModalA modal that contains a wizard retrieved via AJAX
oCWorkflowSearchTestWorkflow search tests
oCWorldcatCitationLookupPluginWorldCat citation database connector plug-in
oCWorldcatNlm30CitationSchemaFilterCitation lookup filter that uses the OCLC Worldcat Search API and xISBN services to search for book citation metadata
oCWorldcatNlm30CitationSchemaFilterTestTests for the WorldcatNlm30CitationSchemaFilter class
oCXCacheCacheProvides caching based on XCache's variable store
oCXMLCommentExtension of XMLNode for a simple DOM-style comment
oCXMLCustomWriterWrapper class for writing XML documents using PHP 4.x or 5.x
oCXMLDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying objects from an XML data source
oCXMLGalleyPluginXML Galley Plugin
oCXMLGalleySettingsFormForm for journal managers to modify Article XML Galley plugin settings
oCXMLHelperA class that groups useful XML helper functions
oCXMLNodeDefault handler for XMLParser returning a simple DOM-style object. This handler parses an XML document into a tree structure of XMLNode objects
oCXMLParserGeneric class for parsing an XML document into a data structure
oCXMLParserDOMHandlerDefault handler for XMLParser returning a simple DOM-style object. This handler parses an XML document into a tree structure of XMLNode objects
oCXmlToSqlToolCLI tool to output the SQL statements corresponding to an XML database schema
oCXMLTypeDescriptionClass that describes an XML input/output type
oCXMLTypeDescriptionTestTest class for XMLTypeDescription
oCXmlWebServiceA web service that returns XML data
oCXSLTransformationFilterClass that transforms XML via XSL
oCXSLTransformerWrapper class for running XSL transformations using PHP 4.x or 5.x
\CZwoodsSubmissionTestData build suite: Create submission