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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCAccessKeyManagerClass defining operations for AccessKey management
oCArticleTombstoneManagerClass defining basic operations for article tombstones
oCAuthorizationDecisionManagerA class that can take a list of authorization policies, apply them to the current authorization request context and return an authorization decision
oCAuthorizationPolicyClass to represent an authorization policy
oCCachedPluginAbstract class for plugins that optionally support lazy load
oCCatalogEntrySubmissionReviewFormDisplays a submission's metadata view
oCCitationParserServiceTestTests for the DateStringNormalizerFilter class
oCCommandLineToolInitialization code for command-line scripts
oCConfigConfig class for accessing configuration parameters
oCConfigParserClass for parsing and modifying php.ini style configuration files
oCCoreClass containing system-wide functions
oCCrossRefExportDomCrossRef XML export plugin DOM functions
oCCustomLocaleActionPerform various tasks related to customization of locale strings
oCDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying objects from a database
oCDAORegistryMaintains a static list of DAO objects so each DAO is instantiated only once
oCDataObjectAny class with an associated DAO should extend this class
oCDBConnectionClass for accessing the low-level database connection. Currently integrated with ADOdb (from
oCDBDataXMLParserClass to import and export database data from an XML format. See dbscripts/xml/dtd/xmldata.dtd for the XML schema used
oCDBResultRangeContainer class for range information when retrieving a result set
oCdeleteSubmissionsCLI tool to delete submissions
oCDispatcherClass dispatching HTTP requests to handlers
oCDOAJExportDomDOAJ import/export plugin DOM functions for export
oCDuraCloudComponentDuraCloud API client implementation base class
oCDuraCloudConnectionDuraCloud Connection class
oCDuraCloudContentDuraCloud API content
oCDuraCloudContentDescriptorDuraCloud API content descriptor
oCDuraCloudPHPDuraCloud PHP library main
oCDuraCloudXMLParserDuraCloud PHP client XML helper class
oCEditableEmailFileThis class supports updating for email XML files
oCEditableFileHelper for editing XML files without losing formatting and comments (i.e. unparsed editing)
oCEditorActionEditor actions
oCEditorDecisionActionsManagerWrapper class for create and assign editor decisions actions to template manager
oCEmbeddedServerImplements a PHP interface to administer the embedded solr server
oCFbvClass defining Form Builder Vocabulary methods
oCFileArchiveClass provides functionality for creating an archive of files
oCFileFormForm for adding/edditing a file stores/retrieves from an associative array
oCFileManagerClass defining basic operations for file management
oCFileRowHandle export submission list grid row requests
oCFilesGridCapabilitiesDefines files grid capabilities. Should be used by grid handlers that handle submission files to store which capabilities the grid has
oCFileWrapperClass abstracting operations for reading remote files using various protocols. (for when allow_url_fopen is disabled)
oCFilterSettingClass that describes a configurable filter setting
oCFormClass defining basic operations for handling HTML forms
oCFormErrorClass to represent a form validation error
oCFormValidatorClass to represent a form validation check
oCGenericCacheProvides implementation-independent caching. Although this class is intended to be overridden with a more specific implementation, it can be used as the null cache
oCGeoLocationToolGeo location by ip wrapper class
oCGridBodyElementBase class for grid body elements
oCGridCellProviderBase class for a grid column's cell provider
oCGridDataProviderGrid data providers serve data to the grid classes for presentation in a grid
oCGridFeatureBase grid feature class. A feature is a type of plugin specific to the grid widgets. It provides several hooks to allow injection of additional grid functionality. This class implements template methods to be extendeded by subclasses
oCHookRegistryClass for linking core functionality with plugins
oCINotificationInfoProviderInterface to retrieve notification presentation information
oCInstallerBase class for install and upgrade scripts
oCinstallToolCLI tool for installing a PKP app
oCInterestBasic class describing a reviewer interest
oCInterestManagerHandle user interest functions
oCInterestsEntryDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying a user's review interests
oCIssueActionIssueAction class
oCIssueManagementHandlerHandle requests for issue management in publishing
oCItemIteratorGeneric iterator class; needs to be overloaded by subclasses providing specific implementations
oCJSONMessageClass to represent a JSON (Javascript Object Notation) message
oCLinkActionBase class defining an action that can be performed by the user in the user interface
oCLinkActionRequestAbstract base class defining an action to be taken when a link action is activated
oCListbuilderListBase class for a listbuilder list. This is used by MultipleListsListbuilderHandler to implement multiple lists in a single listbuilder component
oCListbuilderMapUtility class representing a simple name / value association
oCLocaleFileAbstraction of a locale file
oCMedraWebserviceA wrapper for the mEDRA web service 2.0
oCMetadataPropertyClass representing metadata properties. It specifies type and cardinality of a meta-data property (=term, field, ...) and whether the property can be internationalized. It also provides a validator to test whether input conforms to the property specification
oCMetadataRecordClass modeling a meta-data record (DCMI abstract model: an instance of a description set, RDF: a graph of several subject nodes with associated object nodes)
oCMetadataSchemaClass that represents a meta-data schema (e.g. NLM element-citation, OpenURL, dc(terms), MODS) or a subset of it
oCO4DOIObjectCacheA cache for publication objects required during O4DOI export
oCOAIClass to process and respond to OAI requests
oCOAIConfigData structures associated with the OAI request handler
oCOJSNotificationOJS subclass for Notifications (defines OJS-specific types)
oCOJSSwordDepositClass providing a SWORD deposit wrapper for OJS articles
oCPaymentAbstract class for payments
oCPaymentManagerProvides payment management functions
oCPKPAnnouncementHandlerHandle requests for public announcement functions
oCPKPImportExportDeploymentBase class configuring the import/export process to an application's specifics
oCPKPLanguageActionPKPLanguageAction class
oCPKPLocaleProvides methods for loading locale data and translating strings identified by unique keys
oCPKPManageAnnouncementGridHandlerHandle announcements management grid requests
oCPKPNotificationManagerClass for Notification Manager
oCPKPProfileFormForm to edit user's identity information
oCPKPRequestClass providing operations associated with HTTP requests
oCPKPRouterBasic router class that has functionality common to all routers
oCPKPStatisticsHelperStatistics helper class
oCPKPStringString manipulation wrapper class
oCPKPSubmissionFilesGridDataProviderProvide access to submission file data for grids
oCPKPTemplateResourceRepresentation for a PKP template resource (template directory)
oCPKPTemporaryFileManagerClass defining operations for temporary file management
oCPlainTextReferencesListClass representing an ordered list of plain text citation output
oCPluginHelperHelper class implementing plugin administration functions
oCPluginRegistryRegistry class for managing plugins
oCPolicySetAn ordered list of policies. Policy sets can be added to decision managers like policies. The decision manager will evaluate the contained policies in the order they were added
oCProofFilesGridDataProviderProvide access to proof files management
oCPubIdPluginHelperHelper class for public identifiers plugins
oCPubMedExportDomPubMed XML export plugin DOM functions
oCPubObjectCacheA cache for publication objects required during export
oCQueriesAccessHelperImplements access rules for queries. Permissions are intended as follows (per UI/UX group, 2015-12-01):
oCQueryNoteFilesGridCategoryDataProviderProvide access to query file data for category grids
oCRegistryMaintains a static table of keyed references. Used for storing/accessing single instance objects and values
oCReviewerActionReviewerAction class
oCReviewGridCategoryDataProviderProvide access to review file data for category grids
oCReviewInfoCenterLinkActionAn action to open up the review notes for a review assignments
oCRuntimeEnvironmentClass that describes a runtime environment
oCScheduledTaskBase class for executing scheduled tasks. All scheduled task classes must extend this class and implement execute()
oCScheduledTaskHelperHelper class for common scheduled tasks operations
oCSearchFileParserAbstract class to extract search text from a given file
oCSectionAssignmentRuleClass to check if there is an assignment between user and a section/series
oCSessionManagerImplements PHP methods for a custom session storage handler (see
oCSiteSettingsFormForm to edit site settings
oCSolrSearchRequestA value object containing all parameters of a solr search query
oCSQLParserClass for parsing and executing statements in SQL files
oCSubmissionFilesCategoryDataProviderProvide access to submission files data for category grids
oCSubmissionLogStatic class for adding / accessing PKP log entries
oCSubmissionSearchClass for retrieving search results
oCSubmissionSearchIndexClass to maintain a submission search index
oCSubscriptiontyoeBasic class describing a subscription type
oCTestClass1Test class to be used/instantiated by ClassTypeDescriptionTest
oCTestClass2Test class to be used/instantiated by ClassTypeDescriptionTest
oCTestHelperClass that implements functionality common to all PKP test types
oCTranscoderMulti-class transcoder; uses mbstring and iconv if available, otherwise falls back to built-in classes
oCTypeDescriptionAbstract base class for filter input/output type descriptions
oCTypeDescriptionFactoryA factory class that takes a plain text type descriptor and instantiates the correct type description object based on the descriptor's namespace
oCupgradeToolCLI tool for upgrading OJS
oCUserActionUserAction class
oCUserFormHelperHelper functions for shared user form concerns
oCValidationClass providing user validation/authentication operations
oCValidatorAbstract class that represents a validation check. This class and its sub-classes can be used outside a form validation context which enables re-use of complex validation code
oCVersionCheckProvides methods to check for the latest version of OJS
oCWebServiceAbstract base class for a web service
oCWebServiceRequestRepresents a web service request
oCXMLCustomWriterWrapper class for writing XML documents using PHP 4.x or 5.x
oCXMLDAOOperations for retrieving and modifying objects from an XML data source
oCXMLHelperA class that groups useful XML helper functions
oCXMLNodeDefault handler for XMLParser returning a simple DOM-style object. This handler parses an XML document into a tree structure of XMLNode objects
oCXMLParserGeneric class for parsing an XML document into a data structure
\CXSLTransformerWrapper class for running XSL transformations using PHP 4.x or 5.x