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URNPubIdPlugin Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for URNPubIdPlugin:
PubIdPlugin Plugin PKPPlugin

Public Member Functions

 _calculateCheckNo ($urn)
 getDAOFieldNames ()
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getFormFieldNames ()
 getName ()
 getPubId (&$pubObject, $preview=false)
 getPubIdDisplayType ()
 getPubIdFullName ()
 getPubIdMetadataFile ()
 getPubIdType ()
 getResolvingURL ($journalId, $pubId)
 getSettingsFormName ()
 getTemplatePath ()
 register ($category, $path)
 verifyData ($fieldName, $fieldValue, &$pubObject, $journalId, &$errorMsg)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PubIdPlugin
 _getDAOs ()
 _setBreadcrumbs ()
 checkDuplicate ($pubId, &$pubObject, $journalId)
 getAdditionalFieldNames ($hookName, $params)
getDAO ($pubObjectType)
 getDAOFieldNames ()
 getEnabled ($journalId=null)
 getFormFieldNames ()
getJournal ($journalId)
 getManagementVerbs ()
 getPubId ($pubObject, $preview=false)
 getPubIdDisplayType ()
 getPubIdFullName ()
 getPubIdMetadataFile ()
 getPubIdType ()
 getPubObjectType ($pubObject)
 getResolvingURL ($journalId, $pubId)
 getSettingsFormName ()
 manage ($verb, $args)
 register ($category, $path)
 setEnabled ($enabled)
 setStoredPubId (&$pubObject, $pubObjectType, $pubId)
 validatePubId ($pubId)
 verifyData ($fieldName, $fieldValue, &$pubObject, $journalId, &$errorMsg)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Plugin
 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getNewJournalPluginSettingsFile ()
 getSetting ($journalId, $name)
 Plugin ()
 updateSetting ($journalId, $name, $value, $type=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPPlugin
 _getContextSpecificInstallationHook ()
 addHelpData ($locale=null)
 addLocaleData ($locale=null)
 getCategory ()
 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name)
 getCurrentVersion ()
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getHelpMappingFilename ()
 getHideManagement ()
 getInstallDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplateDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplatesFile ()
 getInstallFilterConfigFiles ()
 getInstallSchemaFile ()
 getInstallSitePluginSettingsFile ()
 getLocaleFilename ($locale)
 getManagementVerbs ()
 getName ()
 getPluginPath ()
 getSeq ()
 getSettingMainContext ()
 getTemplatePath ()
 import ($class)
 installContextSpecificSettings ($hookName, $args)
 installData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplateData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplates ($hookName, $args)
 installFilters ($hookName, $args)
 installLocale ($hookName, $args)
 installSiteSettings ($hookName, $args)
 isSitePlugin ()
 manage ($verb, $args, &$message, &$messageParams, $request=null)
 PKPPlugin ()
 register ($category, $path)
 smartyPluginUrl ($params, &$smarty)
 updateContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name, $value, $type=null)
 updateSchema ($hookName, $args)

Detailed Description

URN plugin class.

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Member Function Documentation

URNPubIdPlugin::_calculateCheckNo (   $urn)

Get the last, check number. Algorithm (s. every URN character is replaced with a number according to the conversion table, every number is multiplied by it's position/index (beginning with 1), the numbers' sum is calculated, the sum is devided by the last number, the last number of the quotient before the decimal point is the check number.

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Referenced by getPubId(), and verifyData().

URNPubIdPlugin::getDAOFieldNames ( )
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URNPubIdPlugin::getDescription ( )
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URNPubIdPlugin::getDisplayName ( )
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URNPubIdPlugin::getFormFieldNames ( )
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URNPubIdPlugin::getName ( )
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URNPubIdPlugin::getPubIdDisplayType ( )
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URNPubIdPlugin::getPubIdFullName ( )
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URNPubIdPlugin::getPubIdMetadataFile ( )
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References getTemplatePath().

URNPubIdPlugin::getPubIdType ( )
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Referenced by getPubId().

URNPubIdPlugin::getResolvingURL (   $journalId,
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References Plugin\getSetting().

URNPubIdPlugin::getSettingsFormName ( )
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URNPubIdPlugin::getTemplatePath ( )
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Referenced by getPubIdMetadataFile().

URNPubIdPlugin::register (   $category,
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References PKPPlugin\addLocaleData().

URNPubIdPlugin::verifyData (   $fieldName,

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