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FunctionalLucenePluginBaseTestCase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FunctionalLucenePluginBaseTestCase:
WebTestCase FunctionalLucenePluginAutocompletionTest FunctionalLucenePluginConfigTest FunctionalLucenePluginCustomRankingTest FunctionalLucenePluginFacetingTest FunctionalLucenePluginHighlightingTest FunctionalLucenePluginRankingTest FunctionalLucenePluginSearchTest FunctionalLucenePluginSimDocTest FunctionalLucenePluginSpellingTest

Protected Member Functions

 simpleSearch ($searchPhrase, $searchField= 'query', $articles=array(), $notArticles=array(), $locale= 'en_US', $journal= 'lucene-test')
 simpleSearchAcrossJournals ($searchTerm, $locale= 'en_US')
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WebTestCase
 getAffectedTables ()
 improveException ($e, $testObject)
 logIn ()
 setUp ()
 tearDown ()
 verified ()
 verifyAndOpen ($url)

Detailed Description

Integration/Functional test for the OJS editing process (base class with common functionality).

Integration/Functional test for the lucene plug-in and its dependencies (base class with common functionality).

See Also

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Member Function Documentation

FunctionalLucenePluginBaseTestCase::simpleSearch (   $searchPhrase,
  $searchField = 'query',
  $articles = array(),
  $notArticles = array(),
  $locale = 'en_US',
  $journal = 'lucene-test' 

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