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Application Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getContextDepth ()
 getDAOMap ()
 getDefaultMetricType ()
 getMetrics ($metricType=null, $columns=array(), $filter=array(), $orderBy=array(), $range=null)
 getMetricTypes ($withDisplayNames=false)
 getName ()
 getNameKey ()
 getPluginCategories ()
 getPrimaryMetricByAssoc ($assocType, $assocId)
 getVersionDescriptorUrl ()
instantiateHelp ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPApplication
 buildErrorMessage ($errorno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline)
 defineExposedConstant ($name, $value)
 errorHandler ($errorno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline)
 execute ()
getApplication ()
 getContextDepth ()
 getContextList ()
getCurrentVersion ()
 getDAOMap ()
getDispatcher ()
getEnabledProducts ($category=null, $mainContextId=null)
getExposedConstants ()
 getJSLocaleKeys ()
 getName ()
 getNameKey ()
 getPluginCategories ()
 getQualifiedDAOName ($name)
getRequest ()
 getVersionDescriptorUrl ()
instantiateHelp ()

Detailed Description

Class describing this application.

See Also

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Member Function Documentation

Application::getContextDepth ( )

Get the "context depth" of this application, i.e. the number of parts of the URL after index.php that represent the context of the current request (e.g. Journal [1], or Conference and Scheduled Conference [2]).


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Application::getDAOMap ( )

Get the map of DAOName => full.class.Path for this application.


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Application::getDefaultMetricType ( )

Returns the currently configured default metric type for this site. If no specific metric type has been set for this site then null will be returned.

null|string A metric type identifier or null if no default metric type could be identified.

Definition at line 224 of file

References getMetricTypes(), and PKPApplication\getRequest().

Referenced by getMetrics().

Application::getMetrics (   $metricType = null,
  $columns = array(),
  $filter = array(),
  $orderBy = array(),
  $range = null 

Main entry point for OJS statistics reports.

See Also for a full specification of the input and output format of this method.
$metricTypenull|string|array metrics selection NB: If you want to use the default metric on journal level then you must set $metricType = null and add an explicit filter on a single journal ID. Otherwise the default site-level metric will be used.
$columnsstring|array column (aggregation level) selection
$filtersarray report-level filter selection
$orderByarray order criteria
$rangenull|DBResultRange paging specification
null|array The selected data as a simple tabular result set or null if the given parameter combination is not supported.

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References StatisticsHelper\canonicalizeMetricTypes(), StatisticsHelper\getContext(), getDefaultMetricType(), getMetricTypes(), and PluginRegistry\loadCategory().

Referenced by getPrimaryMetricByAssoc().

Application::getMetricTypes (   $withDisplayNames = false)

Return all metric types supported by this application.

array An array of strings of supported metric type identifiers.

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References PluginRegistry\loadCategory().

Referenced by getDefaultMetricType(), and getMetrics().

Application::getName ( )

Get the symbolic name of this application


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Application::getNameKey ( )

Get the locale key for the name of this application.


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Application::getPluginCategories ( )

Get the list of plugin categories for this application.

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Application::getPrimaryMetricByAssoc (   $assocType,

Return metric in the primary metric type for the passed associated object.


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References getMetrics(), and PKPApplication\getRequest().

Application::getVersionDescriptorUrl ( )

Get the URL to the XML descriptor for the current version of this application.


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& Application::instantiateHelp ( )

Instantiate the help object for this application.


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