System Information

To access detailed system information, click the System Information link from the Site Administration page. You will be presented with the following information.

Figure 3.10. System Information

System Information

The first section includes OJS version information: it shows you the version you currently have installed, and your version history including any upgrades. You can also click the Check for updates link to see if you are using the most recent version of OJS.

The OJS Configuration section that follows displays all of the configuration options and their values as they are in You can click the Edit link to edit your file directly from the web. You will be warned that you should not make any changes unless you know exactly what you are doing, which of course is a reasonable course to follow. You can find more information about configuration parameters in the file itself.

The final section on this page displays server information: your operating system, PHP version, server and database information. You can also view extended PHP information by clicking the Extended PHP information link (this displays the output of phpinfo()). All of this information can be useful when trying to troubleshoot a problem.