Editor Decision

Figure 7.9. Editor Decision

Editor Decision

Decision choices include:

Once you've selected a decision from the dropdown menu, hit the Record Decision button.

Important Note: You must use the Notify Author icon to generate an email to the Author, informing him or her of your decision. Until this is done, no further work can be done with the submission. Use the Import Peer Reviews button to pull the anonymous reviewer comments (or form results) into the body of the email. Hitting the Send button delivers the message.

Figure 7.10. Notify Author

Notify Author

Accept Submission

If the decision is to Accept, select the appropriate version (i.e., Review Version, Author Version, or Editor Version) and hit the Send button to move the submission from the "In Review" queue to the "In Editing" queue (see below).

Figure 7.11. Accept Submission

Accept Submission

Revisions Required

If the decision is Revisions Required, the Author will need to make the required changes and upload them for you to view. Once this is done, you will receive an email and will be able to access the revised file by clicking on the Author Version link.

Figure 7.12. Revisions Required

Revisions Required

If the revisions are not complete, use the Notify Author link to send another email with further instructions.

If the revisions are complete, you can change the decision from Revisions Required to Accept Submission and re-notify the Author.

Resubmit for Review

If the decision is Resubmit for Review, the Author will need to upload a significantly revised version of the submission. You will receive an email when this is ready.

You can access the revised author submission file using the Author Version link. To send it for another round of review, select it using the radio button, and hit the Resubmit button.

Figure 7.13. Resubmit for Review

Resubmit for Review

This will allow you to select Reviewers for a second round of review.

Figure 7.14. Selecting Second Round Reviewer

Selecting Second Round Reviewer

From here, follow the instructions above <link>.

Decline Submission

If the decision is to Decline, the submission automatically moves from the "In Review" queue to the "Archive" queue (see below) upon notifying the Author.