3.5. Merge Users

Occasionally, a user may have created two separate accounts (using two different email addresses), or you may find yourself in a situation where one or more users have to be removed entirely from the system. To accomplish either task, you must use the Merge Users feature. Select Merge Users from the Journal Management User Home page. On the resulting page, select a user you wish to merge with another user (or select more than one user to merge at once by using the checkboxes next to the account names). In this example, Vincent Oldman has two accounts (vince and voldman). He wishes to keep the vince account and have voldman merged into it. Therefore, we will select Merge User next to the voldman account.

Figure 4.224. Selecting the Account to Merge

Selecting the Account to Merge

Next, we'll select the vince account (which is the keeper).

Figure 4.225. Selecting the Account to Maintain

Selecting the Account to Maintain

This action has effectively deleted the voldman account from the system. To remove garbage, test or spam accounts, simply merge the unwanted accounts into your Journal Manager account. Again, you can merge more than one account at a time by clicking the checkboxes next to the unwanted accounts.