Subscription Types

The first step in setting up subscription management is to designate the types of subscriptions the journal offers. Journals typically offer individual subscription and institutional subscription rates. Some journals may have special offers for members of an organization or students. OJS will support the management of print and/or online subscriptions. More than one type of subscription can be created to cover longer periods of time (12 months, 36 months).

To begin, select Subscription Type and from the resulting page, click Create New Subscription Type.

Figure 4.125. Subscription Types

Subscription Types

Next, fill in the details, including a unique name, a description, cost, and currency. You can also determine if it is for online, print, or online + print. You can also set the duration of the subscription, and whether it is individual (login required) or institutional (access via IP address or domain name -- e.g., Lastly, you can require a membership for the subscription (perhaps for a reduced fee) and hide the subscription type from being published on the About page.

Figure 4.126. Create New Subscription Type

Create New Subscription Type