Create Issue

To create an issue, you must select the Create Issue link. The resulting page has three sections: Identification, Access, and Cover.


The issue needs to be identified with the appropriate numbers and/or title, depending on the option chosen in Publication Setup (e.g., Vol 2, No 5, 2008). While the system will prompt the Editor with the next issue each time an issue is created, the Editor can override these settings and enter a new set of numbers or a different year. You also have the opportunity to add a special title and description for the new issue.

Figure 6.20. Issue Identification

Issue Identification


You can also upload a cover illustration for the journal, in the form of a .jpg, .png or .gif file. This file will be posted on the Table of Contents as a cover page. It will appear on the journal's homepage while the journal issue is Current, and can be clicked on to reach the Table of Contents for that issue. Once the issue is archived, the cover will remain available with the issue through the Table of Contents.

Figure 6.21. Issue Cover

Issue Cover