2.1. Active Submissions

This page will list any of your submissions to the journal that are still in process (e.g., awaiting assignment to an editor, undergoing review, being edited) or incomplete (in which case you can return and finish the submission at any point).

Each completed submission will fall into one of the following categories:

In the example below, the journal is charging a submission fee to authors, and you must pay this (using the Pay Submission Fee link) before the submission can be considered. If a journal does not charge submission fees, this link would not appear. Similarly, this example journal is also configured to require a publication fee. The author must use the Pay to Publish link to make the payment and allow for publication to proceed. Again, if a journal has not activated this fee option, authors will not have to go through this process.

Figure 5.2. Active Submissions

Active Submissions

As the author, you can click on the hyperlinked title of any listed submission and review it. Clicking a submission title will bring you to your submission's Summary page. From here, you could revise the title or abstract (by clicking the Edit Metadata link). If the editor asks for revisions, you will upload the changes this way too (in the Review section of your submission).

Figure 5.3. Submission Summary

Submission Summary