Chapter 16. Support; Development; Troubleshooting; Reporting Problems

Table of Contents

1. Finding Solutions: PKP Support Forum
2. Getting Source Code: Access via Git
3. Reporting Bugs: Using Bugzilla
4. Future Plans and Current Procedures: The PKP Development Wiki

PKP uses a number of Open Source applications as part of the development process. Git and Bugzilla are used to track PKP source code and bugs, respectively; Mediawiki is used to track and discuss general development issues and roadmaps; and phpBB is used to run our support forums, which community troubleshooting and bug reporting generally happens.

The following sections describe specifically how these different applications are used by the PKP team, and how they can be used effectively by the community. In general, however, the forum is used as our interface to the larger PKP community, where most questions and problems are dealt with; the wiki is used as a "living" document pool; and the Git repository and Bugzilla are used by PKP and partner developers to coordinate development and testing. In practice, roles overlap somewhat. We encourage you to browse and use these tools as you continue to use OJS.